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Tired of dents, bubbles and wrinkles in your polish? Dry those nails quick with these at-home and professional solutions!

Do you know what undertone is? You've definitely encountered it before. For example, have you ever tried on a piece of clothing, and although you liked the color, it just didn’t look right? This is what I mean. It goes hand in hand with your overall skintone, creating your own unique shade, and there are some color that notably look better than others. It consists of three categories: warm, neutral, and cool. From knowing our undertone, we have the ability to find the colors that best suit us, whether it be makeup, clothing, or nail polish. That leaves only one thing left to discuss: how do we determine our undertone? WristsTake a peek at the underside of your arm at your veins.Cool: Blue or PurpleWarm:

Biting your nails is one of the worst habits you can have if you're trying to keep your nails nice. Your fingers are always in pain and the skin around the nail bed is left ragged from constant biting. It can even lead you to have bad breath from the germs under your nails, cause damage to your teeth, and serious infections. There’s so many downsides to biting, so how does one actually kick the habit once and for all? Identify your trigger(s) Something is causing you to bite your nails, as it is a coping mechanism to deal with stress. Try to identify what is stressing you, and then see if you can limit your interaction with said stressors. For instance, keep

Enhance your glitter manicure with this easy hack that combines ZOYA PixieDust and two layers of normal glitter polish.

Your nails deserve a new start too! We're helping you achieve all your nail goals so you can have healthy nails in 2022.

Need some last minute gift ideas? These are some popular items that we think will make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Don't let your Dazzling holiday manicures get dull! We're showing you how to make your holiday nails last as long as possible.

Waking up to nail polish smudges from your fresh mani the night before is never fun. Follow our tips to avoid polish smudges overnight.

We recreated the classic ghostie nail look trend, inspired by @nailartbysig. This look is beginner-friendly and perfect for Halloween!

Get the perfect fall skittle using the new ZOYA Sunset Palette! We're showing you how to get the look so you can wear it all season long.

You know those colors that look great in the bottle but somehow show up differently on your nails? We're giving you our tips for wearing hard-to-wear colors.

Who doesn't love a good gradient manicure? We're giving you step-by-step instructions to recreate this gradient mani using the Rose Palette collection.

The ZOYA Rose Palette for fall is officially here, so we decided to give you a step-by-step tutorial for achieving the perfect transitional skittle mani.

Checkered and plaid prints have been trending nail designs lately, so we created a checkered fall nail look and are giving you the steps to recreate it.

Is your nail polish looking a bit dull these days? Follow our easy tips to refresh your manicure at home and have it looking brand-new

What do you do when you don't have time for a full manicure? This natural manicure only takes four steps for a perfect on-the-go mani.

We’re here to tell you the common mistakes that can create pesky polish bubbles so you can avoid nail polish bubbles forever!

The half-moon manicure is a simple, classic look that can be recreated with any of your favorite polishes in any season. This look was created with ZOYA Mila from Nostalgic for an edgy fall manicure.

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if your polish is starting to get thick, we’re here to tell you! Polish can thicken for a few reasons, but there's an easy fix to save any old nail polish using ZOYA Renew.

Leopard print is a staple for this time of year and it's everywhere right now--including your nails! Read our tutorial to learn how to do simple leopard print nail art.

Struggling to get that perfect polish application? Manicures can be tricky, which is why we are going through common manicure mistakes and our recommendations for how to fix them.

You may already know our polishes are Big10Free to be safe for you, but did you know our packaging practices are safe for the planet too? Read on to learn all the simple ways you can dissolve our packing peanuts without wasting water or polluting the environment.

No one likes when polish gets thick, so how can you avoid it? Follow these tips and tricks for preserving your favorite polishes and keeping them as fresh as when you first bought them.

Though it’s true that pedicures typically last longer than manicures, that doesn’t mean they don’t get dull. If you want your pedicures to be as shiny on day 7 as they are on day 1, follow these simple steps!

What better way to combine bright summer polishes than with a fun color block mani? This nail art manicure by @mazzhanna is simple enough for beginners to master!

Love floral nails? This nail art look by @naokosaita is super simple and there are no special tools required! Keep reading to learn how it’s done.

Can’t decide what to do for your next summer look? Keep reading to learn how to get this simple splattered nail art by @hollyfalconenails!

The French tip manicure is way easier to achieve than you might think and instantly creates a chic nail look for any season! So, if you want a professional manicure and feel inspired to do-it-yourself, follow these steps!

These 6 colorful nail art looks using the EasyNeon collection will give you inspiration for your next DIY summer mani.

The secret to flawless manicures is preparation. By following our easy steps, you can prep your nails to perfection for extended wear of your next manicure

Need some nail art inspo? These simple looks created using the ZOYA Darling Collection can be achieved by anyone, and they’re a stunning way to wear spring colors!

No one likes seeing chips in their new mani! Use these 3 helpful tips to prevent fast polish chipping and make your next manicure last as long as you want it to.

Creating a treatment plan for your nails can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the problem or what’s causing it. We’ve compiled a list of common complaints about the state of natural nails and provided our recommended treatment.

Even with the colder months behind us, it's never too late to check your hydration routine. If dry hands and cuticles are ruining your manicures, read about our hacks to restore healthy hydration in your skin.

Everything you need for a mani or pedi is finally wrapped up in one easy system. This system can work as a healthy foundation for your nails before applying color, or as a long-wearing, shiny topper to lock in the color you choose.

This sandwich technique uses the Gelie-Cure system to lock in color and protect the nail, as the nail color is “sandwiched” between two layers of Gelie. This can extend your wear for 7-14 days!

If your brittle, damaged nails are ruining the look of your manicures, the Gelie-Cure foundation technique will change your mani game. It fills in those pesky ridges and cracks and creates a flexible barrier for smoother polish application.

Natural-nail-enthusiasts, this treatment system is for you. With no use of LED lights, this Rescue & Repair treatment will strengthen, hydrate and support the growth of your nails.