@naokosaita is holding the Naked Manicure Hydrating Hand and Body Serum as she shows a flower nail art manicure with colors from the EasyNeon collection.

Get the Look: Summer Floral Mani

Love floral nails? This summer floral mani by @naokosaita is super simple and there are no special tools required! Keep reading to learn how it’s done.

What You'll Need

Link, Janie, Echo, Oakley, and Banks from the EasyNeon Collection, base coat, optional Perfector, top coat, and orangewood stick (or toothpick)

Step 1: Prep

File and shape your nails as you would before a normal manicure. Gently push you cuticles back, but don’t forget to first apply a cuticle oil like QTICA Solid Gold.

Step 2: Basecoat and Optional Perfector

Apply your favorite basecoat as normal. For this look, one of the nails will have negative space, so if you want to color-correct any discoloration on your natural nail before doing the design over your basecoat, you can use a Naked Manicure Perfector. The perfector will neutralize any discoloration and can be worn directly under the polish

Step 3: Polish Base

Apply Janie to your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. Paint Link on your pinky, and let all base colors dry. Use two coats if you want a full-coverage look. Leave your pointer finger without polish or just with the Naked Perfector.

Step 4: Design

A summer floral manicure by @naokosaita using the EasyNeon collection from ZOYA.
Photo via @naokosaita

On your ring finger, take Zoya Link and use the tip of the Z-wide brush to make thin flower-like line shapes that are joined in a circle. In the center of those lines, take your orangewood stick with Zoya Oakley and make a small dot in the middle to finish the flower. Using the same coated orangewood stick, leave small dots around your flowers in Zoya Oakley.

On your pinky, take Zoya Oakley’s Z-wide brush and repeat the same process of making small flower-like lines. In the center, place a dot of Zoya Banks, and then dot the nail as you did with Oakley on your ring finger.

On the pointer finger, which should have no polish on it (other than the optional naked perfector), take Zoya Oakley and Zoya Janie, and continue the same flower line method. Use Zoya Link for the center of your flowers on this nail, and surround the flowers with dots of Zoya Echo.

Watch the Full Tutorial

Tutorial and art by @naokosaita