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Rebecca Isa, Creative Director of ZOYA Nail Polish, is standing in front of W Magazine in New York.

Dropping A Tip Here's our case for why QTICA's dry drops are revolutionary. One of the biggest issues salons and everyday men and women face when getting their nails done is the amount of time that has to pass for the

Let's Get to Know Each Other If you are anything like me, you can be a little careless when it comes to painting your nails. Doing your own nails is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it requires patience and focus;

A little over a year ago, we launched the Feed. As blog editor, my hope was to create informative, interesting, and fun content revolving around our brands, Zoya and Naked Manicure. In that time, I introduced fans to the newest

Have you ever wondered where the names for ZOYA Nail Polish came from? Read about our color naming process and how the name concept came to be when ZOYA Nail Polish was first created.

Ever wonder how ZOYA Nail Polish creates new colors and collections? I spoke with our creative director, Rebecca Isa, to give you a glimpse into the process of making the ZOYA colors you love!