A color block manicure is shown on the nails using the ZOYA Dreamin and Easy Neon Collections. The hand is in front of a colorful background of feathers.

Get the Look: Summer Color Block Mani

What better way to combine bright polishes than with a fun, summer color block mani? This nail art manicure by @mazzhanna is simple enough for beginners to master!

What You'll Need

This look features colors from the EasyNeon and Dreamin Collections. You’ll need: Janie, Desi, Polly, Zelda, Darla, Glossy Seal, base coat of your choice, and a thin precision brush.

Step 1: Apply Base Pink Shades

Photo via @mazzhanna
Working your way from pinky to thumb, apply one coat of the colors Janie, Desi, Polly, Zelda, and Darla and let dry.

Step 2: Half Circles

Photo via @mazzhanna
Make half circle shapes on the top portion of each nail using the nail color to the left. For example, if you’re working on your pinky which has Janie painted as the base, you would use Desi to paint the half circle on top. The circles don’t have to be perfect!

Step 3: Outline

Photo via @mazzhanna

Using the color from two fingers to the left or whichever pink you like best, outline the half circle you drew with a thin precision brush.

Step 4: Topcoat

Once your polish is fully dry, apply a topcoat. Glossy Seal was used for this manicure, but you can also opt for an even glossier finish like the Ultra Glossy Seal Topcoat.

Watch the Full Color Block Mani Tutorial by @mazzhanna