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Biting your nails is one of the worst habits you can have if you're trying to keep your nails nice. Your fingers are always in pain and the skin around the nail bed is left ragged from constant biting. It can even lead you to have bad breath from the germs under your nails, cause damage to your teeth, and serious infections. There’s so many downsides to biting, so how does one actually kick the habit once and for all? Identify your trigger(s) Something is causing you to bite your nails, as it is a coping mechanism to deal with stress. Try to identify what is stressing you, and then see if you can limit your interaction with said stressors. For instance, keep

What is a hangnail? A hangnail is a torn bit of skin that hangs from your nail (go figure), and can appear when your hands and feet are too dry or have been damaged. They’re more likely to occur during the winter, but that doesn't mean it can't happen during any other season. They cause discomfort and can be painful if they become infected, so it’s good to take proper care of them when they happen. How do I remove a hangnail? Soak your affected fingers/toes in warm water. Once your nails have softened, take a nail clipper or cuticle scissors and gently clip the hanging skin. Try not to cut further down than needed or you will injure yourself, and we don’t

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