ZOYA uses natural, healthy ingredients in their products that are safe for you and for the environment. Prioritize nail health using our trusted products.


Your nails deserve a new start too! We're helping you achieve all your nail goals so you can have healthy nails in 2022.

We're sharing the dos and don'ts for healthy nails and salon-worthy manicures. Let these basic tips help you get the nails you want!

The fall weather doesn't always agree with our skin. Follow our healthy fall manicure routine for hydrated skin and stronger nails all season long.

Take control of your nail health! We're sharing our tips to reverse your summer nail damage to get strong, healthy nails for fall.

Want healthy nails? This guide to cuticle care will tell you everything you need to know to get your cuticles back on track and restore your nail health!

You may already know our polishes are Big10Free to be safe for you, but did you know our packaging practices are safe for the planet too? Read on to learn all the simple ways you can dissolve our packing peanuts without wasting water or polluting the environment.

Creating a treatment plan for your nails can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the problem or what’s causing it. We’ve compiled a list of common complaints about the state of natural nails and provided our recommended treatment.

Even with the colder months behind us, it's never too late to check your hydration routine. If dry hands and cuticles are ruining your manicures, read about our hacks to restore healthy hydration in your skin.

Natural-nail-enthusiasts, this treatment system is for you. With no use of LED lights, this Rescue & Repair treatment will strengthen, hydrate and support the growth of your nails.