We Recreated the Ghostie Nail Look

The ghostie nail look trend has been floating around ever since @nailartbysig created the original ghostie nails. We decided to give her classic Halloween look a try using ZOYA shades and treatments! To get our recreated look, read our instructions below.

Use a Cuticle Remover/ Oil and File

On clean nails, use a cuticle remover to gently remove dead skin around the cuticles before your manicure. If you don’t have a cuticle remover, try using a cuticle oil like QTICA Solid Gold instead to gently condition your cuticles before you push them back. File your nails to how you like them, and prep the nails by swiping them with Remove +.

Treat Nail Damage Under Your Manicure

This nail look uses negative space, so it’s important to refine the nail surface before your manicure so that any damage on the nail isn’t visible. We used the Rescue + Repair treatment to do just that, as it provides treatment for damage and conceals imperfections.

To start, apply the Rescue Serum to all your nails, rubbing the serum in until it’s dry. Next, apply the Repair Base over the serum to refine the surface and seal in the serum’s treatment.

Apply a Basecoat

To prevent polish staining, you can apply another layer of a base coat over the Repair Base. We recommend the Naked Base, which contains nutrients to further repair nail damage.

Apply the Lavender Perfector

The Lavender Perfector will correct any discoloration on the surface to create the ideal base for nail art. 

Start the Ghosties

Use a thin nail art brush dipped in ZOYA Purity to create the classic ghostie outline before filling it in with the normal ZOYA brush. Alter the shape of the ghosts slightly on each nail. Don’t forget to wrap the tip!  

Paint the Ghostie Eyes

Once the ghost tips are dry, use a dotter tool and ZOYA Willa to create the eyes for the little ghosts. Remember to vary the placement of the eyes slightly to create differentiation. 

Apply a Topcoat

To finish the look, add a topcoat to seal in your art. Try Ultra Glossy Seal for dense shine with extended wear. 

Extend Your Mani

We added a layer of Naked Gelie from the Defend + Shine system the day after our ghostie manicure to add even more shine and make the mani last. This step is optional, but it’s for those that don’t want to change their mani any time soon. 

That’s the look! We hope you liked our recreation of @nailartbysig‘s classic ghostie nail art using your favorite ZOYA products.