Welcome to Tutorials! Here you’ll find how-to videos trending nail art and all our nail treatment systems, including Rescue Repair and Gelie-Cure

Two hands placed on top of each other next to the ZOYA Rescue Serum, Repair Base, and Gelie Cure to show the Gelie Cure Foundation Manicure on bare nails.
Image via @organic_nail_bar_va

Need some abstract nail ideas? This stained glass fall nail art by @Mazzhanna is a creative way to use colors from the ZOYA Sunset Palette!

@Mazzhanna did this gorgeous abstract fall nail art using the new collection and it’s super simple to recreate! Read our how-to instructions or watch her video to see how it's done!

Watch our tutorial for how to use our new patented system, Defend + Shine, which protects your nails, manicure and shine up until your next polish change.

We used the ZOYA Dreamin collection to get what we call a smoosh marble mani. It’s perfect for those that can’t pick just one of these dreamy summer shades.

Thinking of trying out a PixieDust color by ZOYA? To learn how to best apply and remove ZOYA PixieDust shades, watch this tutorial!

@misspopnails did this stunning French tip manicure using the Cosmic Pop colors Eradani and Polaris. Watch the tutorial to see how she did two looks, one more neutral and the other with double the glitter!

This nail look has us starry-eyed. Using the Cosmic Pop collection, we did a simple nail design that requires no special tools to show off these glittering beauties. Watch to see how it's done!

The colors in the new limited edition Cosmic Pop trio have a unique soft textured, multidimensional finish. See how they wear both textured and smooth in direct sunlight and indirect sunlight.

This tutorial shows you how to cap the free edge of your nail with Gelie-Cure to avoid tip-wear. You'll also learn a tip for short nails! 

If you have short or thin nail beds, then the one stroke technique may be just what you need to master your Gelie-Cure application. 

This tutorial shows how you can watch your edgeline when using Gelie-Cure to ensure it doesn't peel. Learn how to properly layer the Rescue Serum, the Repair Base and Naked Gelie to achieve a proper cure. 

This tutorial explains how to do the Zoya Sandwich technique with Gelie-Cure to provide a smooth finish on top of your favorite Pixie-Dust color.

New to Gelie-Cure? In this video you'll learn how to troubleshoot with the water test, light test, and hand placement. You'll be a pro in no time!

If you want to know how to replace your ZOYA Classic Professional brush with the Z-Wide Brush, watch this quick tutorial!

Watch our tutorial for how to remove the basic Gelie-Cure foundation. Removing Gelie-Cure is easy and painless, so long as you use ZOYA Remove + and a couple foil sheets!

Learn all about Gelie-Cure, the three-step system that treats, conditions, strengthens, and improves the appearance of your nails. Wear natural, as a base, or on top of polish for long-lasting manicures!

Did you know you can change your polish color up to two times before removing your Gelie-Cure foundation? Watch this tutorial to learn how!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to do a treatment manicure using Naked Manicure's Rescue Serum and Repair Base. Do these steps before you apply the Gelie-foundation, or continue with your normal polish application.

Not sure if you're applying the Rescue Serum correctly? This tutorial gives you an easy way to check your application using water to know if you're using too much or just enough!

This tutorial covers the basic foundation application of the Gelie-Cure line. This durable base allows you to change out color up to 2x before its removed and ensures a smooth polish application each time.

This tutorial takes you through the 2-10-2 Technique with Gelie-Cure. This technique uses Gelie-Cure as both a base and a topper to seal in your polish color for up to two weeks of wear.