Cosmic Moon Nail Art Tutorial

This nail look has us starry-eyed. Using the Cosmic Pop collection, we did a simple nail design that requires no special tools to show off these glittering beauties. Watch the full tutorial or read our step by step guide to get this moon nail art!

What You'll Need:

Step 1: Prep the Nails and Apply a Base Coat

Prep your nails as normal, using Remove + and your favorite basecoat. For this tutorial, we applied the Naked Base.

Step 2: Apply the Base Colors

Paint Polaris on the thumb, April on the index finger and ring finger, Celestia on the middle finger, and Eradani on the pinky. Use two coats for full coverage.

Step 3: Apply a Top Coat

Once your base colors are dry, apply a topcoat to all of your nails. We used Ultra Glossy Seal for this look to give a dense, ultra-glossy finish to these shades and smooth out their soft-textured surface. After this step, you’ll only be working on the nails you painted with April, as those will be the accent nails.

Step 4: Moon Art

On one finger with April as the base, take Polaris and carefully make a half-moon crescent shape on one side of the nail, starting at the base of your cuticle and working your way to the tip. Take your time, and adjust the moon shape as you like it to be more or less curved.


Repeat the same process on the other nail painted with April, but use Celestia. For this look, we flipped the direction of the half-moon, but feel free to do whichever direction is most comfortable. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Clean up as needed—we did!

Step 5: Top Coat

Finish your two accent nails with another layer of Ultra Glossy Seal.

Final Look

You’re done! Stay tuned for more nail art tutorials by Zoya!