Defend + Shine

Ultimate Nail Defense System

What is it?

Defend + Shine is designed to keep your mani as fresh as the day you got it. In a few simple steps, this system provides lasting defense for manicures so you can  go mani-to-mani without polish chips or reduced shine. Use the day after your fresh manicure and optional Rescue + Repair treatment for stronger nails with longer wear. It’s the ultimate defense for your nails, manicure, and shine. 


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The Products

The Defend + Shine system comes with Naked Gelie, Clear Shine Spray, a Travel LED Light, Lint-Free Nail Wipes and an orangewood stick for clean-up. 

How to Use

Love a lasting mani? Lock it in! The day after your normal manicure or pedicure, apply Defend + Shine to protect your nails and polish beneath a demi-gel, glossy shield. Waiting until the next day ensures that your fresh manicure is completely set before sealing it beneath Naked Gelie. This system can be used for both salon and at-home manicures or pedicures for durable nail defense. 

Step 1: Apply Polish

Follow the steps for your normal manicure. Apply a base coat, two thin coats of your favorite ZOYA polish, and a top coat. Use Ultra Glossy Seal for intense shine.

Step 2: Apply Naked Gelie

The next day, apply an even coat of Naked Gelie to all 10 nails. Leave a small space between the skin and Gelie so as not to flood the cuticle, sidewall or upper corners of free edge

 •Wrap the tip of your free-edge and make sure not to paint your skin.

IMPORTANT: Clean up any Naked Gelie that gets on the cuticle, sidewall, upper corners of the free edge and/or skin with an orangewood stick before curing.

Step 3: Cure Gelie

Position middle 3 fingers properly under the Travel LED Light and cure for 60 seconds. Repeat this step with other hand. Cross hands at the wrists to cure pinkies. Hang hands off the table to place thumbs flat under light to cure.

Step 4: Clear Shine

Spray Clear Shine onto a lint-free wipe and swipe each nail to remove any residue after curing.

2 Minute Removal

When it comes time to change out your manicure, you’ll need ZOYA Remove +, cotton balls, and foils or nail clips. Remove your mani in 2 minutes or less.

A cotton ball soaked with Remove + rests on a nail to demonstrate step one of the Gelie-Cure System removal process.

1. Saturate Cotton

Saturate a cotton ball with Zoya Remove + and apply to each nail. Wrap with foil, fitted tightly to the shape of the nail. Leave on for 5 minutes at most. 

Foil is wrapped around the fingernails to show step three of the Gelie-Cure System removal process.

2. Wiggle Foil

Wiggle the cotton ball across the nail with slight pressure as you remove the foil. Defend + Shine will be removed easily with no scraping. For thicker layers, open foil and rub cotton to remove.

Remember: Individual nails will vary with their removal time depending on the nail’s length and the thickness of the Naked Gelie coat.

Watch our Tutorial

This system was created to give the nails ultimate defense against tip wear, chips and nail damage, while locking in the Day One shine of a fresh manicure. It contains products from the Gelie-Cure system that are to be used the next day as a manicure seal. Defend + Shine ensures that your polish stays looking flawless all week long while your nails grow stronger.

We recommend waiting at least 12 hours so the manicure has time to fully set. This is why we recommend waiting until the next day to apply.   

Yes. We realized that not everyone needs the full Gelie-Cure system. So, if you already have the Gelie-Cure system, you already have the products in the Defend + Shine system. If you have never used Gelie-Cure, you can use the Defend + Shine system to apply the next day for a shielded manicure with extended shine. 

No. Using a top coat on the first day of your manicure is not required to use Defend + Shine the next day. However, we highly recommend using a top coat to reduce the chances of tip wear or chips on the first day of your manicure.

Although designed for traditional polish, Defend + Shine can be used with gels. Instead of waiting 24 hours to apply, wait until around week two when your gel starts to look dull. Removal time increases by one minute with gel.  

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