Easy Ways to Refresh Your Manicure At Home

If your nail polish is looking a little dull these days, we have a few easy ways to refresh your manicure. Depending on your nail length, condition, and how rough you are on your nails, everyone will experience different wear-times. You may notice chipping or dullness within just a few days if your nails are damaged or you like to use your nails as tools. Whatever the cause, you can use these tips at any point in your manicure to have it looking as good as new.

Tip #1: Fill in the Tips

The most irritating feeling is when you look down at your manicure to see noticeable tip wear. Before those tips turn into polish chips, fill them in with the polish you used on your nails. You can either wait for this to dry and stop here, or you can apply a glossy top coat to smoothly blend your old polish with the new touch-ups. 

Tip #2: Apply a Cuticle Oil

Hydrated cuticles do wonders for a dull-looking manicure. You should be using a cuticle oil with every new manicure and daily for best nail health results, but we understand it can be difficult to remember. Applying a cuticle oil like QTICA Solid Gold will not only hydrate your cuticles, but it adds a bit of shine to your topcoat if you rub it into the entire nail.  

Tip #3: Reapply Your Topcoat After a Few Days

Everyday activities like handwashing and cooking can easily ruin a manicure or make it appear duller. We recommend reapplying your topcoat every couple days or so to revamp that shine and make your polish last longer. Better yet, start out your manicure with the award-winning Ultra Glossy Seal Topcoat, which delivers lush shine the whole week with no reapplication required.

Tip #4: Add Defend + Shine the Day After Your Fresh Manicure

Defend + Shine is our new system by Naked Manicure that uses the Naked Gelie from Gelie-Cure to add intense shine and durable protection over your fresh manicure. Apply the Naked Gelie coat over your nails the day after your manicure or when you notice dullness to reseal your polish and protect your nails from breaks and polish chipping. For more detailed instructions on Defend + Shine, watch our full tutorial or visit our FAQ article.

With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll never have to live with a dull manicure again.

Feature photo via @lacqueredlady.