An Ultra Glossy Seal Bottle stands on top of a glass stand, with its box standing beside it. Green leaves are pictured behind the bottle.

Get Glossed: Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat

Ultra Glossy Seal is ZOYA's new, fast-drying topcoat that gives you a lush, gel-like finish without having to wait 8 hours to for your nails to dry. It'll easily be your new favorite top coat!


What is 'slugging'? You may have seen that 'nail slugging' is the new trend blowing up on TikTok. But what is it? Typically, 'slugging' is the application of a petroleum jelly onto the face, preventing water loss as you sleep. 'Nail slugging' is the same process, except you slather your hands in petroleum instead. Does 'slugging' work for nails? Our cuticles and hands need to retain moisture just as much as any other part of our skin does. And we lose that moisture

Café Creams This dreamy collection invokes the smell of fresh roasted coffee, light chit chat between friends over warm ceramic cups, and the overhead twinkling of cafe lights. Bonnie Bonnie is a sheer and luminous rose gold topper which can be worn alone as a semi-textured glitter over your favorite Café Creams (or your favorite ZOYA shade). Biscuit Biscuit is a warm milky brown mocha with a peachy undertone and creamy finish. Kahlua Kahlua is a gingerbread brown with warm reddish undertones. Remington Remington is a creamy natural darkened

Here at Zoya, we’ve dropped a collection of all-time best sellers to give you the perfect summertime pool vibe! These polishes feature diamond flecks and metallic flare that will sparkle brightly long after summer ends! Genesis- a micronized metallic pearl finish - designed to look like micro-fine diamond dust! Apple- a luminous yellow-toned apple green packed with gold metallic sparkle. A dimensional green that's clean and bright. Summer- a mermaid shimmer featuring flashes of green and gold with a blue base. Isa- a deep

Your perfect pink polish is just a palette away! The Pink Palette has a pink for everyone, and it's now available for summer 2022!

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