Remove +

3-In-1 Formula

Remove + is not your average polish remover. This groundbreaking formula contains the benefits of 3 nail-prepping products in one and won’t dehydrate your nails. 


This mild acetone formula moisturizes, nourishes, and fortifies the nail plate as it acts as a remover, cleaner, and prepping product for nails. It vanishes any trace of oil, polish, staining or other debris left on the nails so that nothing can interfere with the polish you apply. A clean surface ensures better polish adherence and longer-lasting wear!

  • Removes all polish residue
  • Cleans nail plate from other debris
  • Moisturizes 
  • Extends wear of polish with better adherence

Saturate a cotton ball or pad with Remove + and press firmly onto the nail for a few seconds before wiping clean. Repeat prior to applying a base coat. Even without polish to remove, you can use Remove + for its cleansing and nourishing benefits on the nail before a manicure. 

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