ZOYA Remove Plus bottles are lined up on a white surface with one bottle in the front and clearly visible.

Why You Should Use ZOYA Remove +

If you wear polish frequently, then you understand the frustrating task of polish removal before you can begin your next manicure. Either the remover takes years to remove your polish, leaves stains and streaks, or dries out your nails from the strong acetone in the formula. You may even get so frustrated that you peel your polish off instead, which isn’t doing your nails any favors. ZOYA Remove + changes the removal game. With a 3-in-1 formula, it makes removing polish easy so you can start your next manicure faster! Along with its fast removal, it’s gentle on your nails.

Remove, Clean, Prep

The acetone in this formula is mild to be tough on polish but gentle on your nails. It removes polish without any leftover streaks and staining. It also acts as a cleaner for your nail plate to create a fresh base for your manicure. Instead of dehydrating your nail, it contains conditioning properties to nourish your nail bed and extend your manicure wear.

Even if you don’t have polish on, you can still swipe your nails with a bit of Remove + to get the cleaning and nourishing benefits before your base coat and polish application. When you do, you dramatically extend the wear of your manicure. Use it as the first step to lock in your color!

How To Use

Saturate a cotton ball or pad using the handy big flipper cap on the Remove + bottle. Press down firmly on your nails for a few seconds and then swipe the nail clean until the polish is completely removed.

Using Gelie-Cure? For special removal instructions, watch our Gelie-Cure removal tutorial.