A bottle of Remove +, cotton balls, and Soak Off Foil Sheets laying flat on a white towel.

How to Use Remove + for Easy Polish Removal

ZOYA Remove + is an award-winning polish remover that cleans, preps and conditions the nail plate to remove polish quickly without damaging your nails. For specific removal instructions for traditional ZOYA Nail Polish, textured PixieDust,  Gelie-Cure and Mani-More Days, keep reading!

Traditional ZOYA Nail Polish Removal

If you applied ZOYA polish with a normal top coat, all you’ll need is Remove + and some cotton balls. 

Step 1: Saturate Cotton Ball

Saturate a cotton ball with Remove +. You won’t need a lot! 

Step 2: Swipe the Nail Clean

Press the cotton to your nails and use a slight pressure to swipe the nails clean. 

Textured PixieDust, Gelie-Cure or Defend + Shine Removal

If you applied a textured polish, Gelie-Cure, or Defend + Shine, you’ll need Remove +, Soak Off Nail Foils, and cotton balls for quick removal. 

Step 1: Saturate Cotton

Saturate a cotton ball with Remove + as normal. 

Step 2: Place Cotton on the Nail

Apply a saturated cotton ball to each of your nails, pressing down to keep the cotton ball firmly against the nail. 

Step 3: Wrap with Foil

Using a foil sheet, carefully wrap the foil around the saturated cotton to tightly fit the finger nail. Let the foil sit for 2 minutes. 

Step 4: Remove Soak Off Foil Sheet

After 2 minutes, remove the foil by wiggling it and applying a slight pressure as you move it across the nail. 

Step 5: Clean Up

If there’s any remaining polish on the nail after removing the foil, simple use the cotton ball to swipe the nail clean.


Get everything you need for fast removal in the Removal Kit that comes free with your purchase of the Defend + Shine system!