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A little over a year ago, we launched the Feed. As blog editor, my hope was to create informative, interesting, and fun content revolving around our brands, Zoya and Naked Manicure. In that time, I introduced fans to the newest and best polish collections, Naked Manicure systems, and trends sweeping the nail industry, but somehow I never properly introduced myself. (How credible am I, right?) If you care to keep reading, I’d like to finally introduce you to the Feed’s author, and share a bit about what comes next. There’s a new, exciting era ahead for this blog, and I can’t wait for all of you to see it. Hi, I'm Noelle. I won’t bore you with too many

These are all the latest New Year nail trends, featuring popular colors, nail shapes and designs. Would you try any of them?

Enhance your glitter manicure with this easy hack that combines ZOYA PixieDust and two layers of normal glitter polish.

Your nails deserve a new start too! We're helping you achieve all your nail goals so you can have healthy nails in 2022.

Still need inspiration for your last-minute holiday nail look? We're showing you more creative looks by our fans and the colors they used!

Need some last minute gift ideas? These are some popular items that we think will make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Don't let your Dazzling holiday manicures get dull! We're showing you how to make your holiday nails last as long as possible.

Still looking for the perfect holiday mani to recreate this season? Check out these creative manicure ideas by our fans.

Waking up to nail polish smudges from your fresh mani the night before is never fun. Follow our tips to avoid polish smudges overnight.

We're sharing the dos and don'ts for healthy nails and salon-worthy manicures. Let these basic tips help you get the nails you want!

The start of November means we're bringing to you some classic November nail looks using the new ZOYA Sunset Palette.

We recreated the classic ghostie nail look trend, inspired by @nailartbysig. This look is beginner-friendly and perfect for Halloween!

We're giving you our tips for using the Hydrate & Heal system throughout your day to get healthy, hydrated skin this fall.

The fall weather doesn't always agree with our skin. Follow our healthy fall manicure routine for hydrated skin and stronger nails all season long.

The Sunset Palette is officially here, and we're bringing to you 6 nail looks you can recreate using these 5 warm-toned shades.

Get the perfect fall skittle using the new ZOYA Sunset Palette! We're showing you how to get the look so you can wear it all season long.

Get your nails in the spooky season spirit! Halloween will be here before you know it, so check out some of these Halloween nail ideas.

You'll want to save these trendy nail art ideas for later! All of these looks were created by our fans using ZOYA's newest shades for fall.

You know those colors that look great in the bottle but somehow show up differently on your nails? We're giving you our tips for wearing hard-to-wear colors.

Who doesn't love a good gradient manicure? We're giving you step-by-step instructions to recreate this gradient mani using the Rose Palette collection.

The ZOYA Rose Palette for fall is officially here, so we decided to give you a step-by-step tutorial for achieving the perfect transitional skittle mani.

Checkered and plaid prints have been trending nail designs lately, so we created a checkered fall nail look and are giving you the steps to recreate it.

Is your nail polish looking a bit dull these days? Follow our easy tips to refresh your manicure at home and have it looking brand-new

See how our fans are using our versatile fall collection for their nail art. Which of these Nostalgic nail looks is your fave?

Want to know how to mismatch your mani/pedi? Follow our tips for choosing colors that complement each other and look at our mismatch color ideas.

Take control of your nail health! We're sharing our tips to reverse your summer nail damage to get strong, healthy nails for fall.

September can be a tricky month for manicures, because it's in-between summer and fall. We're giving you 6 ideas for September manicures to make it easy.

Fall isn't quite here, but it seems that our fans are excited for the season. We rounded up our favorite nail looks using the Nostalgic fall collection to inspire your next fall mani.

What do you do when you don't have time for a full manicure? This natural manicure only takes four steps for a perfect on-the-go mani.

We’re here to tell you the common mistakes that can create pesky polish bubbles so you can avoid nail polish bubbles forever!

The half-moon manicure is a simple, classic look that can be recreated with any of your favorite polishes in any season. This look was created with ZOYA Mila from Nostalgic for an edgy fall manicure.

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if your polish is starting to get thick, we’re here to tell you! Polish can thicken for a few reasons, but there's an easy fix to save any old nail polish using ZOYA Renew.

It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s time to start planning your back to school manicures! These are some fun ideas to try out that perfectly capture the excitement of starting off a fresh school year.

Leopard print is a staple for this time of year and it's everywhere right now--including your nails! Read our tutorial to learn how to do simple leopard print nail art.

Have you ever wondered where the names for ZOYA Nail Polish came from? Read about our color naming process and how the name concept came to be when ZOYA Nail Polish was first created.

Want healthy nails? This guide to cuticle care will tell you everything you need to know to get your cuticles back on track and restore your nail health!

Who says skin care is only for the dry months of the year? We’re here to tell you how you can incorporate the Hydrating Hand and Body Serum into your summer skin care routine.

Who says you have to go to a salon to get a professional pedicure? We’re giving you a basic guide to achieve a professional pedicure from home!

Ever wonder how ZOYA Nail Polish creates new colors and collections? I spoke with our creative director, Rebecca Isa, to give you a glimpse into the process of making the ZOYA colors you love!

Struggling to get that perfect polish application? Manicures can be tricky, which is why we are going through common manicure mistakes and our recommendations for how to fix them.

For our second swatch in the #SaturdaySwatch series, we’re showing ZOYA Skipper from our new Summer Dreamin’ collection along with other fun purples! These colors make the perfect purple skittle mani!

You may already know our polishes are Big10Free to be safe for you, but did you know our packaging practices are safe for the planet too? Read on to learn all the simple ways you can dissolve our packing peanuts without wasting water or polluting the environment.

Though it’s true that pedicures typically last longer than manicures, that doesn’t mean they don’t get dull. If you want your pedicures to be as shiny on day 7 as they are on day 1, follow these simple steps!

What better way to combine bright summer polishes than with a fun color block mani? This nail art manicure by @mazzhanna is simple enough for beginners to master!

Love floral nails? This nail art look by @naokosaita is super simple and there are no special tools required! Keep reading to learn how it’s done.

Can’t decide what to do for your next summer look? Keep reading to learn how to get this simple splattered nail art by @hollyfalconenails!

The French tip manicure is way easier to achieve than you might think and instantly creates a chic nail look for any season! So, if you want a professional manicure and feel inspired to do-it-yourself, follow these steps!

These 6 colorful nail art looks using the EasyNeon collection will give you inspiration for your next DIY summer mani.

The secret to flawless manicures is preparation. By following our easy steps, you can prep your nails to perfection for extended wear of your next manicure

Need some nail art inspo? These simple looks created using the ZOYA Darling Collection can be achieved by anyone, and they’re a stunning way to wear spring colors!