Gelie-Cure System

The Gelie-Cure system is composed of 3 simple steps to treat damaged nails and seal them with a demi-gel layer. As this demi-gel layer locks in treatment, it can be worn three different ways. Leave it natural, paint over it with your favorite Zoya color, or use it as a shiny topper for a lasting manicure.  The full system includes three service options to give you control over how you wear your manicure.

The Products

As step one in the Gelie-Cure system, this unique serum that mimics the natural nail’s hydration mechanism repairs damaged keratin. It improves nail strength and flexibility as it is worn as a cushion underneath the Repair Base.

The second step in the Gelie-Cure System features a  groundbreaking formula that adheres to the nail plate
and locks the Rescue Serum into the nail’s keratin layers.
Invisible fillers strengthen the nail and smooth out uneven
ridges, flaking and separation.

The third step in the Gelie-Cure System is the first ever demi-gel formula: ultra-light, high-shine, flexible, fileable and damage-free. It adheres to the Repair Base instead of requiring a gel underneath. A two minute removal with Zoya’s Award Winning Remove+. 

Use Clear Shine after curing the Naked Gelie. It’s a quick and simple wiping formula that removes any residue while increasing the shine of the Naked Gelie. Essential for a high gloss finish. 

Service Options

The Treatment Manicure is the most advanced treatment to strengthen, hydrate and support the growth of natural nails. It utilizes a serum, protective base and massage for the most nourishing and corrective manicure. The Treatment Manicure can be left bare or used as a base for normal polish and top coat application.

  • For natural-nail-purists who want both treatment and extended wear of polish
  • For use in pedicures to prevent dehydration and white spots. 
  • For clients that want treatment with their regular 7-10 day manicure. 

Products utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base (Polish and Topcoat optional).

The Foundation Manicure service builds on the Treatment Manicure with the additional step of applying the Naked Gelie and curing. The demi-gel formula fills in ridges, cracks, splits, and breaks, adding a dense layer of extra protection to weak or damaged nails. This service creates a flawless surface for color application, or can be left bare for a flexible, natural manicure. Remove and reapply color up to 2x before removing the foundation. 

  • For client who wants treatment and protection with the flexibility of changing color

Products utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED Light, Clear Shine (Polish and Topcoat Optional). 

The Zoya Gelie-Cure Sandwich takes the benefits of both the treatment and foundation manicures one step further by adding a second layer of Naked Gelie on top of your Zoya color to seal in all layers, providing the highest shine, greatest protection and longest wear. 

  • For clients who want both treatment and protection with extended wear of 7-14 days. 

Products utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED light, Clear Shine, favorite ZOYA polish.

2 Minute Removal

Removing Gelie-Cure only takes 2 minutes using Zoya Remove +. Before wrapping the nails in foil, you should remove polish if you didn’t apply the Gelie-Topper and apply a cuticle oil to prevent staining on the skin.

A cotton ball soaked with Remove + rests on a nail to demonstrate step one of the Gelie-Cure System removal process.

1. Saturate Cotton

Saturate a cotton ball with Zoya Remove + and apply to each nail. Wrap with foil, fitted tightly to the shape of the nail.

An animated clock is shown to demonstrate the 2 minutes it takes to remove Naked Gelie.

2. Wait 2 Minutes

Leave foil on nails for TWO minutes. 

Foil is wrapped around the fingernails to show step three of the Gelie-Cure System removal process.

3. Wiggle Foil

Wiggle the cotton ball across the ail as you remove the foil. Gelie-Cure will be removed easily with no scraping. For thicker layers, open foil and rub cotton to remove. 

Before & After Gelie
A damaged nail before using Gelie-Cure.
A previously damaged nail after using Gelie-Cure, with a now shiny, smooth surface.
Before & After Polish
A nail painted with a red Zoya polish and no Gelie-Cure used.
A nail painted with red Zoya polish and Gelie-Cure was used.
  • No more soaking in acetone
  • No more scraping
  • 2-minute removal
  • Flexible & fileable
  • Locks in treatment for the duration of the manicure
  • Supports healthy keratin
  • Fast & Ultra-Shiny
  • Extends polish wear
  • Double your color polish wear when applied over Gelie-Cure Foundation
  • Gelie-Cure stays intact while color polish can be changed up to 2x!
  • Improves the look of the nail
    Damage-free removal
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