ZOYA Naked Manicure's Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, and Clear Shine Spray are shown in their boxes on top of a Naked Manicure box. The Gelie-Cure System bag is propped against the box display with a flowered background behind it.

Find Your Way to Gelie-Cure

Everything you need for a mani or pedi is finally wrapped up in one easy system. This system can work as a healthy foundation for your nails before applying color, or as a long-wearing, shiny topper to lock in the color you choose. With simple, 1 minute curing under an LED light, it gives you the salon manicure look even if you’re doing it from home.

What is Gelie-Cure?

Gelie-Cure is a gel-like formula that requires curing under an LED light and works with the products provided in the Gelie-Cure Kit. It’s versatile, with 3 different ways to work it into your manicure routine. The Gelie-Cure Kit comes with the Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, an LED Light, Clear Shine Spray, Lint-free wipes, and an orangewood stick for easy clean-up.

How Does it Work?

You can utilize the system to fit your specific needs based on treatment, wearablity and shine by following the steps for either a treatment manicure, a Gelie-Cure foundation, or a 2-10-2 Gelie Sandwich.


When using the system for a treatment manicure with or without the Naked Gelie, the Rescue Serum and Repair Base act as a hydrating treatment for dehydrated and damaged nails to promote their growth and durability. With pedicures, it prevents dehydration and the appearance of white spots.


When using Gelie-Cure as a foundation, it builds a protective cover over your nail plate so polish can glide on like smooth silk. Any ridges or damage you have to your natural nail will be covered by this base for easier application. This even base also helps to make the polish last longer on the nail.


The 2-10-2 Technique is used for locking in color for 7-14 days with no reapplication or little fixes. When done correctly, the color will be sandwiched between the Naked Gelie foundation and the Naked-Gelie as a topper. It leaves a dense, shiny finish with flexible protection..

Gelie-Cure Treatment Manicure

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum and Repair Base

Time Required: 30 minutes

Step 1: Prep

Before any treatment or manicure, you should wash your hands and begin with a cuticle treatment. (Learn more about QTICA’s Solid Gold Cuticle Oil).

Shape your nails using a regular file, with an upward motion from underneath the nail and a downward motion to seal.

Push back the cuticles and remove any hang nails.

Step 2:

You can massage your hands and arms using a lotion or massage oil of your choice.

Step 3: Treatment and Base

Now you can begin the treatment with the rescue serum and base coat. Start by splitting a pea sized amount of the Rescue Serum between all 10 of your nails, and rub the serum to dry. Use a combination of horizontal and vertical movements from your cuticle to your nail tip to make sure the serum is fully dry to touch.


Next, apply the Repair Base on top of the serum, being careful to avoid the cuticle, sidewall, and skin.


Wrap the tip of your free-edge, and use the orange-wood stick provided in your Gelie-Cure Kit to clean up as needed.

Step 4: Add Color:

Apply 2 coats of Zoya polish to your newly treated nails. Wait 2 minutes before applying each colored coat. Finish your manicure with the top coat of your choice or try our new Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat followed by a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops.

Be sure to reapply the Rescue Serum daily to extend your nail treatment, and reapply your top coat as needed for extended wear.

Gelie-Cure Foundation

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED light, Clear Shine

Time Required: 30 minutes

After the Rescue Serum and Repair Base is applied correctly, you can begin the Gelie-Foundation.

Step 1: Apply Gelie and Cure

Apply one even coat of Naked Gelie to all 10 nails, making sure to leave a space between your skin and the gelie. If Gelie gets on the skin/side edge or the cuticle, wipe away with an orangewood stick before curing.


Cure nails as directed in the video clip, and wipe with clear shine when finished.

Step 2: Color

If you’d like to add color you can, or you can leave the nails as they are for a beautiful natural nail. To add color, apply one thin layer of Zoya Nail Polish to all 10 fingers. Wait 2 minutes between each coat of color.

Step 3: Top Coat:

Apply one thin coat of your favorite Zoya Top Coat, (Read about Ultra Glossy Seal) and follow with a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops to speed up the drying process.

Remember to reapply the Rescue Serum daily for added treatment to the nails and fix chips with a top coat.

Step 4: Removal

You can change out the color on your nails up to two times without removing the Gelie foundation. Simply saturate a cotton ball with Zoya Remove + and wipe away the color.


When it comes time to remove the Gelie foundation, saturate a cotton ball with Remove + and wrap foil over the cotton ball as it sits on your nail. After 2 minutes, the Gelie should be easily removed.

The 2-10-2 Technique

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED light, Clear Shine Spray

Time Required: 45 minutes

Begin by doing the Gelie-Cure treatment manicure with the Rescue Serum and Repair base.

Next, apply the Gelie as directed and cure under the light to create your Gelie Foundation.

Step 1: Apply Color

The 2-10-2 technique comes into play when you begin to apply color. Apply one thin layer of Zoya Nail Polish, and wait 2 minutes before applying the next coat.

Step 2: Color

After you apply your second coat of color, wait 10 minutes. Then, apply Gelie to all 10 nails, cleaning up any Gelie on the sidewalls or skin. Wait 2 minutes before curing under an LED light.

Step 3: Swipe with Clear Shine

Use the lint-free wipes and a spray of Clear Shine to wipe away any residue after curing under the light.


As with any technique with Gelie Cure, you can reapply the Rescue Serum daily to continue treating your nails after your mani is finished.


Image via @zoyapolishrussia