Hydrate & Heal

Hand and Body System

Did you know that your skin has a protective lipid barrier? It behaves almost like a breathable saran wrap to lock in moisture into the skin. As we age, this barrier thins, becoming less effective and patchy. This is why rebuilding that damaged lipid barrier is the key to reviving dry skin! The experts at ZOYA created the NAKED MANICURE Hydrate & Heal system to deeply deliver exactly what skin needs for instantly fresher, newer, and brighter-looking skin.

The Products

Instantly improve the appearance of dry skin with the Hydrating Hand & Body Serum as step one of the Hydrate & Heal System. This unique formula contains hyaluronic acid (HA) and powerful antioxidants to deliver moisture to the hands, feet and body. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin with an easy spray-on formula to provide long-lasting results. Continued use will reduce dryness, increase brightness and reveal a more even skin tone. Follow with the HEALING DRY SKIN HAND & BODY CREAM to lock in moisture.

  • High concentration of hyaluronic acid preps & conditions the skin to lock in moisture and provide a brighter, more even look.

As step two in the Hydrate & Heal System, this light and non-greasy lotion deeply delivers moisture to instantly improve the look and feel of dry, rough skin on the hands, feet and body. Use the HEALING DRY SKIN HAND & BODY CREAM alone or over the HYDRATING HAND & BODY SERUM to lock in moisture and give your skin a younger, smoother feel. Ideal for long-term results.

  • Locks onto serum creating a higher moisture level intake than traditional lotions
Before & After Results
Two hands are showing the before and after results of using the Hydrate & Heal system.
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