Satin Seal

Natural-Nail Finish Top Coat

The Satin Seal Top Coat by ZOYA Naked Manicure is a ground-breaking formula providing the closest possible finish to the natural nail.  This unique bi-phasal product optically blurs imperfections, blends pigments, levels the nail plate and locks all layers of the manicure with a long wearing satin seal. It contains UV filters to prevent yellowing and to shield from free radicals.


The Satin Seal Top Coat hides imperfections to provide the appearance of a healthy, natural-nail finish.

  • Blurs imperfections
  • Blends pigments
  • Levels nail plate
  • Locks in manicure
  • UV filters prevent yellowing 

Activate the bi-phasal formula by rolling gently between hands for twenty seconds prior to use. Compatible with ZOYA Fast Drops. Apply as you would any normal top coat. Finish with Glossy Seal if desiring a high-shine finish, or leave alone for a natural-nail finish.

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