A hand is positioning a Naked Manicure Perfector next to other Naked Manicure products.

Try This Base Coat Hack to Prevent Polish Staining

If you’re dealing with nail stains from polish, you should try this base coat layering hack! It’s our favorite base coat combination to lock in treatment for your nails while giving them the ultimate protection against polish staining.

Why Use Two Base Coats?

All ZOYA base coats will help to prevent staining from polish, but using two can be an even better way to receive the benefits of each base coat while minimizing potential stains. This particular hack combines a treatment and two base coats: the Rescue Serum, Repair Base, and the Naked Base. Essentially, it’s adding a second step over the Rescue Repair System. The Rescue Serum will provide treatment to your nails while the Repair Base locks it in. The Naked Base also contains nutrients for nail treatment so when you apply it on top you’re getting double the treatment benefits and more protection against staining!

This hack doesn’t have to be used for every manicure, but consider it for specific pigments that have a higher risk of polish staining.

Take a pea sized amount of the Rescue Serum and divide between all 10 fingers. Rub the serum into your nails using a variation of horizontal and vertical motions until the serum is dry.

After the serum has been used on the nails, apply the Naked Manicure Repair Base directly on top. This will seal in the treatment of the serum and act as layer 1 of your base coat.

Once the Repair Base has dried, apply an even layer of Naked Base on top. This second layer adds treatment and more staining protection!

Step 4: Polish

Apply polish as normal, and seal with a top coat to prevent chipping.

This hack helps prevent stains, but what if the stains are already there? If you’re looking for a quick fix for nail stains, consider using Naked Manicure Perfectors. They blur imperfections in the nail by neutralizing discoloration and can be worn directly over your base coat. Read our article on how to use them for more specific information. 

Feature photo via @s.kucheruk