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There’s a Base Coat for Everyone: Take your Pick!

The time has come for your next mani, but you’re stuck on the first step: “Which base coat should I use?”

Base coats can be your best friend if you want your polish to last longer. They act as a protective barrier for the natural nail to prevent staining and increase wear time as it locks the polish in place. For anyone who thinks base coats are optional…think again! 

You might be thinking, “So if they all do the same thing, how do I know which one to use?”

The truth is, no base coat is the same, which makes finding the right one a bit challenging. Zoya has several base coats that offer their own unique benefits. It’s all about your personal preferences and manicure needs. I bet you didn’t know base coats could be that deep!

Choosing a base coat depends on the state of your natural nails and what you hope to achieve with your manicure. If you find that your uneven nails are preventing polish from sticking, go with one of the base coats that fill in ridges, like the Gelie-Cure Repair Base or the Get Even Ridge Filler Base Coat. If your natural nail is healthy and you’re only interested in locking in color for a longer period of time, perhaps the Anchor Base Coat or the Naked Base is your pick. 

This guide will break down each of our Zoya base coats and provide you with everything you need so you can find the base coat that works best for you. 


If you’re looking for a durable yet flexible base coat, the anchor base coat is the one for you. It grips to the natural nail and locks in color, so you can forget about nail stains. With a thin, breathable formula, it glides on smooth and provides just enough coverage to create a smooth base for polish.

This isn’t your average base coat. As part of the Gelie Cure System line, this base coat works together with the Gelie Cure Rescue Serum to promote the growth and health of your nails. As it locks into the serum you place underneath, its invisible fillers smooth down ridges and roughness to create an even, healthy base. It can be used with or without the Naked Gelie and still offer the same nail health benefits.

If your nails have ridges, this is your go-to base coat. This fiber-like formula fills in ridges and any other uneven areas to the nail that are preventing your polish from going on smooth. The layer it creates is a dense, smooth finish that allows polish to stick without falling into any flakes on the surface.

The newest addition to Zoya’s line of base coats is designed to refine and treat damaged nails. It mimics the keratin structure of the natural nail by providing vitamins, amino acids and proteins. By generating processes like cell renewal, oxygenation and hydration, this base coat will nourish, provide flexibility and strengthen weak or damaged nails.

You can use it alone or in combination with any of the Zoya Naked Manicure Color Perfectors, which adjust for discoloration or color & tone.

Feature photo via @zoyauk