Cuticle Care Product Comparisons

If you’re looking for the comprehensive cuticle care product list, can’t decide what type of product is suitable for your needs, read on:

Naked Manicure Hand & Body Serum

This serum from the Hydrate and Heal kit from Naked Manicure delivers lightweight, cooling hydration to the hands, body and cuticles. Comes in a convenient travel size for at home use for clients or for putting at your desk at work to maintain moisture throughout the day.

Through the use of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, this serum instantly hydrates while improving the look of skin overall.

Suggested: Follow the use of this product with Naked Manicure’s Healing Hand & Body Cream to lock in moisture.

For lightweight, skin brightening hydration.

Naked Manicure Rescue Serum

This serum is the crucial first step of the Rescue and Repair system, ensuring the maintenance of the nails natural keratin layers and delivering reinforced strength ad flexibility.

This serum treats the entire nail, including the surrounding cuticle. Massage onto cuticles as needed throughout the day and experience nourishing hydration that delivers the utmost treatment overall.

For lightweight strentgh and hydration.

QTICA Cuticle Repair Balm

This particular cuticle balm is the most intense cuticle therapy for severely dry cuticles, damaged cuticles and hang nails. Perfect for the colder months or when the nails have sustained significant damage from biting or over-clipping.

See and feel results instantly when you apply this rich and healing balm to the cuticles.

Comes in two sizes: 0.5 oz. for salon use, or 0.25 oz. for on the go cuticle care.

For rich, healing hydration.

QTICA Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Gel

This revolutionary, patented compound delivers a unique 12-oil blend in a solid, mess-free formula. The great-smelling, great-feeling oil brings nails to a high-shine buff in seconds and protects against fungus and bacteria with tea tree and citrus oils.

Easily portable tubeĀ  dispenser comes in two sizes.

Apply it as a gel and feel it melt into a super oil that soothes, penetrates and nourishes.

For lightweight, anti-bacterial hydration.

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