Rescue Serum

What is it?

The Rescue Serum is a revolutionary treatment as part of the Rescue + Repair System that restores and treats damaged keratin on the nails to improve nail strength and flexibility over time. When sealed with the Repair Base, this serum can treat your nails under any manicure and can also be used daily over polish as a cuticle treatment.

How it Works

The Rescue Serum penetrates into the damaged layers of keratin to restore hydration and promote flexibility, and is sealed in with the Repair Base for lasting treatment.

  • Penetrates top layer of keratin and hydrates nail plate
  • Acts as a micronized synthetic version of skin’s sebum
  • Physical barrier that conditions and treats cuticles
  • Increases nail’s sebum content 
How To Use

Split a pa-sized amount of Rescue Serum between all 10 nails. Perform a fingertip massage using the applied serum. Rub serum to dry using horizontal and vertical movements, from cuticle to tip and side to side. This massage benefits the nail’s restorative process. 

Seal in treatment with a coat of the Repair Base directly on top of the Rescue Serum. 

Check Your Application

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