ZOYA is a brand within the Art of Beauty family, which also consists of Naked Manicure, QTICA, QTICA Smart Spa, Gelie-Cure and Oylie. Here you’ll find content related to our long-wearing, Big10Free nail polish and award-winning, natural nail treatments.

6 colorful ZOYA nail polishes are laying flat with their colors spilling out to spell the word "Love"

Need some help with your November manicures? We're giving you transitional shades for the holidays to wear until the holiday season starts.

Glitter manicures can be worn in every season! We're giving you the best PixieDust shades to wear in the fall.

Hydrate your lips and keep them sweet with these lip glosses for fall. All shades are ZOYA Hot Lips, which provide lip color + therapy.

Check out all our latest launches for fall, including the Nostalgic collection, the Rose Palette and the Sunset Palette.

Introducing the ZOYA Sunset Palette for Fall 2021! This collection features 5 cream shades that match the season of Autumn.

Halloween manicures are easy! Check out our list of spooky nail colors for Halloween, which you can mismatch or wear alone.

Fall is officially here and October is coming up quickly, so we're giving you the must-have colors for October manicures this year.

Need more nail polish for fall? The ZOYA 2021 Fall Rose Palette is now available! Take a look at these 5 gorgeous gradient shades with warm, rose tones for the fall season.

If you love matching your mani to your outfit, why not try matching it to your lipstick? These are trending polish shades for fall with a lipstick to match!

Neutral colors come to life in the fall season, and neutral polishes are no different. These are some neutral faves that pair best with cozy fall weather!