ZOYA is a brand within the Art of Beauty family, which also consists of Naked Manicure, QTICA, QTICA Smart Spa, Gelie-Cure and Oylie. Here you’ll find content related to our long-wearing, Big10Free nail polish and award-winning, natural nail treatments.

6 colorful ZOYA nail polishes are laying flat with their colors spilling out to spell the word "Love"

What is 'slugging'? You may have seen that 'nail slugging' is the new trend blowing up on TikTok. But what is it? Typically, 'slugging' is the application of a petroleum jelly onto the face, preventing water loss as you sleep. 'Nail

Café Creams This dreamy collection invokes the smell of fresh roasted coffee, light chit chat between friends over warm ceramic cups, and the overhead twinkling of cafe lights. Bonnie Bonnie is a sheer and luminous rose gold topper which can be worn alone

Here at Zoya, we’ve dropped a collection of all-time best sellers to give you the perfect summertime pool vibe! These polishes feature diamond flecks and metallic flare that will sparkle brightly long after summer ends! Genesis- a micronized metallic pearl finish

Your perfect pink polish is just a palette away! The Pink Palette has a pink for everyone, and it's now available for summer 2022!

The Zoya Abundance collection for Spring 2022 is the color story of new beginnings with a delightful mix of bright hues and soft creams.

The Naturel 5 collection is finally here as we transition to spring. This palette features 5 classic neutrals and a ZOYA Hot Lips gloss.

To kick off the New Year, these are some nail colors that make for gorgeous winter manicures. Stay tuned for more nail ideas this season!

Introducing PixelDust by PixieDust--representing our daring innovation to immerse the technology of textured glitter into glitter polish.

A glitter accent manicure can be a stunning way to wear polish. Check out our recommended color combinations for winter.

Glitter nails are a must on New Year's, which is why we're showing you our most popular glitters in a variety of finishes.