Color Lock System

The easy, 5-step Color Lock System surrounds polish with a protective barrier against moisture, bubbling, and chipping for maximum polish wear. 

The Products
Step 1

3-In-1 Remover

Benefit: Remove + is not your average polish remover. This groundbreaking formula contains the benefits of 3 nail-prepping products in one! This mild acetone formula moisturizes, nourishes, and fortifies the nail plate as it acts as a remover, cleaner, and prepping product for nails. It vanishes any trace of oil, polish, staining or other debris left on the nails so that nothing can interfere with the polish you apply. A clean surface ensures better polish adherence and longer-lasting wear!

  • Removes all polish residue
  • Cleans nail plate from other debris
  • Moisturizes
  • Extends wear of polish with better adherence

Usage: Saturate a cotton ball or pad with Remove + and press firmly onto the nail for a few seconds before wiping clean. Repeat prior to applying a base coat. Even without polish to remove, you can use Remove + for its cleansing and nourishing benefits on the nail before a manicure.

Step 2

Base Coat

The Anchor Basecoat contains complex protein chains to form a flexible bond between the nail and the polish you apply. It’s a deluxe formula used for nail strength and to prevent lifting, peeling, and chipping in polish.

Benefit: As the second step in the color lock system, the flexible formula of the ZOYA Anchor Basecoat allows you to have longer wear with your manicure, creating a protective layer for your polish to stick to.

  • Extends polish wear
  • Prevents peeling, lifting, and chipping
  • Flexible formula that aids in nail strength

Usage: After prepping the nails with ZOYA Remove +, apply one even coat to the clean nail surface prior to polish application.

Use the Get Even Ridge Filler Basecoat as an alternative Step 2 in the Color Lock System to prevent flakes and smooth ridges. It fills uneven ridges on the nail to create a protective, smooth barrier for better polish wear.

Benefit: Get Even Ridge Filler Basecoat creates the “perfect” surface for nail polish application. With bonding fibers to help smooth ridges on the surface and prevent nail plate flaking, this base coat ensures maximum polish wear on natural nails.

Usage: Apply one coat to clean nail surface prior to polish application, and experience the ridge-filling magic!

Step 3


ZOYA Nail Polish

Apply two coats of any  ZOYA BIG10FREE polish to your nails, after using a basecoat. Check out our newest collection Dreamin, for color ideas. 

Step 4

Top Coat

Use the Armor Topcoat as Step 4 in the Color Lock System to protect your polish color vibrancy and extend your manicure wear.

Benefit: The Armor Topcoat has an ultra glossy formula to block UV rays from yellowing polish color, adding a protective finish over polish. Its flex-formula prevents chipping and allows for nail movement without cracking or splitting.

Usage: Apply one coat over polish. Reapply after a few days to protect color and extend polish wear.

Step 5

Drying Product

Use ZOYA Fast Drops as Step 5 in the Color Lock System to keep your color fresh and flawless when applied over any ZOYA top coat. Apply every couple days.

Benefit:  ZOYA Fast Drops’ phenomenal formula works to prevent bubbling, speed up the drying process, and enhance your color’s vibrancy.

Usage: Apply one drop to the base of each nail, tilt hand, allow product to spread naturally. Polish will dry in 5 to 7 minutes.

Step R

Polish Rejuvenator

Not ready to throw away your old favorite polish bottles? ZOYA Renew is the best polish rejuvenator!

Benefit:  ZOYA Renew Polish Rejuvenator gives old polish a second chance by restoring its original consistency and color vibrancy to be just how you remember it.

Usage: Add one drop of Zoya Renew to a thickened nail polish, base coat, or top coat. Roll bottle slowly between hands to mix evenly.

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