Pick Your Top Coat: Glossy or Ultra Glossy

Need a new top coat? We’re breaking down the main differences between our top-selling top coats, Glossy Seal and Ultra Glossy Seal by Naked Manicure, so you can pick whichever one works best for you and your nail needs. You can also look at our article that compares all the top coats by ZOYA and Naked Manicure. 

Glossy Seal provides a classic, high-shine finish to any nail color. It can be used over the Satin Seal top coat for best results or alone over polish color to seal in a manicure or pedicure. It’s long-wearing, but could be reapplied every couple days to freshen up the shine and extend your manicure. It’s not as quick-drying as Ultra Glossy Seal, but it’s compatible with ZOYA Fast Drops to speed up the dry time and prevent polish bubbling.

Ultra Glossy is a dense, gel-like top coat with a lush, ultra-glossy finish. It extends your manicure’s wear time for up to 7 days with no chips, and no reapplication required. It’s also the fastest-drying top coat yet by Naked Manicure, and can dry even faster with ZOYA Fast Drops applied on top. It’s for those that want a more reflective, shinier finish than Glossy Seal.

Which Top Coat Should You Choose?

When choosing a top coat, it all depends on your personal preferences for your manicure. If you don’t like the idea of a thick top coat, then go with Glossy Seal for a thin, shiny shield for your manicure. Go with Ultra Glossy Seal if you care more about faster dry times and longer wear for your manicure. 

Both top coats are great options to gloss up your fresh manicure or pedicure. If you’re not a fan of glossy finishes, try our Satin Seal top coat or our Matte Velvet top coat. 

Feature photo via @andressasotooka.