Our Favorite Nail Looks Using Nostalgic

Though we still have a few weeks left before the fall season officially starts, it’s safe to say many of our fans are already in the fall spirit. The ZOYA 2021 Nostalgic Collection is out, and our fans are getting creative with how they are using the colors for their manicures and nail art. We rounded up some of our favorite nail looks done using the Nostalgic collection so you can get some inspiration for your next fall mani!

Color Block Mani

Manicure by @polish.me.cute

First up for Nostalgic looks is this gorgeous color block mani by @polish.me.cute. It’s edgy, but the clean lines make this an effortlessly classy manicure. She used the Vintage Trio Set to get this look with Nostalgic shades Rumi, Mila, and Vivi.

Braided Mani

Manicure by @ayzling

Who said braids were just for your hair? This woven look by @ayzling just perfectly captures the mood for fall. This look was also created using the Vintage Trio set from Nostalgic.

Earthy Florals

Manicure by @nailsbyk_x

You can’t go wrong with floral print! @nailsbyk_x did a flawless job making her nails look like they came from a painting. What a unique way to use these earthy shades in Nostalgic!

Gradient Mani

Manicure by @thefemininefiles

It seems like the Vintage Trio Set is a fan favorite, because this look was also created with ZOYA Rumi, Mila, and Vivi. This gradient manicure by @thefemininefiles is stunning for fall.  

Which of these nail looks was your favorite? Be sure to tag any other nail looks you create with #EverydayZoya! We love seeing our fans’ creativity.