Ultra Glossy Seal Won Two Beauty Awards in 2021

Hear any buzz about Ultra Glossy Seal lately? In case you hadn’t heard, our fan-favorite top coat has won two recent awards!

If you’ve never tried Ultra Glossy Seal, what are you waiting for? This renowned top coat has the highest shine out of all our other glossy top coats. It applies like silk with a dense, gel-like finish to seal in your manicure for the whole week. This lush layer of shine also defends your manicure against chips and tip wear.

Why You'll Love Ultra Glossy Too


Finally, you can have the beautiful finish of a gel-like top coat without the fuss of waiting 8 hours for your nails to dry. This top coat is oxygen activated, so it dries by air and 2x faster than our other top coats. Put away your LED lamp, because it’s not needed for this quick-drying coat!

Highest Shine Possible

A gorgeous nail color deserves to be seen! Ultra Glossy’s reflective, shiny coat will amp up the shine of your regular nail polish so that it’s impossible to go unnoticed. All eyes will be on your ultra-shiny nails, and you don’t have to worry about that shine fading. Unlike other top coats, there’s no reapplication required for this shine to stick around.

Chip-Free for Days

The worst feeling is when your fresh manicure starts to chip. With Ultra Glossy on your nails, your manicure has shiny protection all week long. Many of our fans have noted they can see about a full week before they notice tip-wear or chipping. 

Nail Art is a Breeze

If you do nail art frequently, you can use this top coat in-between the layers of your art to speed up the dry time and ensure your art won’t smudge around. Finish with a final layer of Ultra Glossy to make your nail art last even longer.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself! Add this top coat over any of your favorite ZOYA polishes and your mani-game will change forever. Buy Ultra Glossy Seal now and get free shipping on any order!

Feature photo via @damaracc.