A hand showing ZOYA Dory and Sandy worn on the nails.

How to Make Your Polish Dry Faster

For some of us, we love painting our nails…right until we have to patiently wait for them to dry. Sitting still so as not to ruin your manicure can be a struggle. Who wouldn’t want a way to make polish dry faster? 

We’re giving you two ways to speed up the drying time of your manicure or pedicure. For those that prefer doing your nails at night, these tips are especially helpful. Forget about waking up with sheet marks all over your nails! So how is it done?

Drying Tip #1: Fast Drying Top Coat

If you don’t mind intense shine on your manicure, use the Ultra Glossy Seal top coat. Not only does it have a 2x faster dry time than any of our other top coats, but it provides a durable, shiny finish for up to 7 days without chipping. This lush top coat will be a lifesaver when you’re doing a mani in a hurry!

Drying Tip #2: Polish Drying Drops

If an extra step in your manicure is going to save you waiting time in the long-run, we think you’ll find it worth it. After you apply your top coat, apply a drop of ZOYA Fast Drops to each of your nails. Move around your fingers to spread the drying drops naturally, and watch the magic happen. It reduces bubbling in polish and your nails will be dry to touch in 5-7 minutes.

If you want really fast dry time, try combining these tips! Fast drops can be used over any ZOYA top coat, even our fastest-drying top coat, Ultra Glossy Seal.

We know the drying process for manicures can usually be tedious, but we hope you find our ZOYA tips to be helpful! Learn more about Ultra Glossy Seal and Zoya Fast Drops.

Feature photo via @nailbeforeme.