Defend + Shine FAQ

Consider all your questions about the Defend + Shine system by Naked Manicure answered! This new patented system provides the ultimate defense for your nails while giving your manicure chip-free, lasting shine. Read our Defend + Shine FAQ to learn more about how the system works and send us more questions on our social media

Can I Use Defend + Shine with Other Polish Brands?

Yes. Though we have only tested the system on ZOYA Nail Polish, Defend + Shine can be used with other polish brands for significantly more nail protection and shine than a traditional polish and top coat manicure. 

Do I Need to Use a Top Coat If I Apply Defend + Shine the Next Day?

No. Using a top coat on the first day of your manicure is not required to use Defend + Shine the next day. However, we highly recommend using a top coat to reduce the chances of tip wear or chips on the first day of your manicure.

Is Defend + Shine a Top Coat?

No. It does not take the place of a top coat, as it is recommended that you use it over your polish and top coat the next day.  Think of it as a wrap for your full manicure to have the most protection for your nails and lasting shine. 

How Soon Can I Use Defend + Shine After My New Manicure?

We recommend waiting at least 12 hours so the manicure has time to fully set. This is why we recommend waiting until the next day to apply.   

Can I Reapply Defend + Shine Throughout My Manicure?

Yes, though you likely won’t need to reapply the system before your next manicure change. If you do choose to reapply, remember that your removal time will increase by 2 minutes for every additional layer of Naked Gelie. 

Is the Naked Gelie in Defend + Shine the Same Naked Gelie from Gelie-Cure?

Yes. We realized that not everyone needs the full Gelie-Cure system. So, if you already have the Gelie-Cure system, you already have the products in the Defend + Shine kit. If you have never used Gelie-Cure, you can use Defend + Shine to apply the next day for nail defense and extended shine using Naked Gelie as a manicure seal.

Can I Use Rescue + Repair with Defend + Shine?

Yes. Rescue + Repair is used as the base for your polish on the first day of your manicure. Wait until the next day to apply Defend + Shine. As the system protects your manicure from polish chips, it will also seal in the treatment of Rescue + Repair under your polish for more nail protection and strength than a traditional top coat. 

Do I Have to Use the LED Light with Defend + Shine?

Yes, because the Naked Gelie is a unique demi-gel formula that requires a light to cure. There is a travel USB LED Light included in the Defend + Shine system for your use, but you may also use any LED light you may have. Just remember to cure for 60 seconds as per the system instructions.

Why Was Defend + Shine Created?

This system was created to give the nails ultimate defense against tip wear, chips and nail damage, while locking in the day one shine of a fresh manicure. It contains products from the Gelie-Cure system that are to be used the next day as a manicure seal. Defend + Shine ensures that your polish stays looking flawless all week long while your nails grow stronger.

Can I Use Defend + Shine with Gel or Gel-like Polishes?

Although designed for traditional polish, Defend + Shine can be used with gels. Instead of waiting 24 hours to apply, wait until around week two when your gel starts to look dull. Removal time increases by one minute with gel.  

Will I See Tip Wear?

In our field studies, most people had 7 days or more of wear before they noticed tip wear. However, wear will always vary depending on the person. Everyone uses different products, has different application, and is different with the way they use their hands. Tip wear will depend on all of these factors. If you start to notice tip wear, you can easily fix it by going over the tips with your polish and sealing with another layer of Naked Gelie for longer wear and defense for your nails. 

I Already Use Your Long-Wearing Top Coats. Why Use This?

Defend + Shine does more for your nails than a traditional top coat. As it locks in your manicure’s shine, it seals in lasting protection for your nails. Due to it’s demi-gel formula, Defend + Shine is not prone to the same wear and tear of traditional top coats and polish. Get more of your manicure and the most nail protection possible. 

I Cured My Nails But They Are Sticky

Your nails will have residue after curing the Naked Gelie under the LED light. This is why the system comes with Clear Shine Spray to use after curing which will remove the residue and leave you with a shiny, smooth manicure!

If I Use Gels, Do I Need Defend + Shine?

No. Defend + Shine is not to be used with gel polishes. Use only if you want more nail protection and manicure shine with your traditional nail polish. 

Will Naked Gelie Damage My Nails Like Gel?

Since Naked Gelie never touches the nail plate, it does not require the same removal times as gel polish and will not have the same damaging effect. With Remove + and foil sheets, you can remove Defend + Shine in 2 minutes with no aggressive soaking or scraping.

Will This System Prevent Chips?

Yes. Aside from locking in shine, Defend + Shine hardens the nail for extra nail and manicure defense against damage and normal wear-and-tear. If you have soft or brittle nails, Defend + Shine contributes to your nail’s natural growth. 

I Already Bought Mani-More Days. Is Defend + Shine the Same System?

Yes. We decided to change the name of Mani-More Days to Defend + Shine because we felt a more descriptive name of what the system does for nails and manicures was necessary.