An Ultra Glossy Seal Bottle stands on top of a glass stand, with its box standing beside it. Green leaves are pictured behind the bottle.

Get Glossed: Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat

Gel-like topcoats are all the rage in the mani-world, but who wants to wait 8 hours for it to dry? Oh, and you can forget about doing a quick mani before bed, unless you like waking up with sheet marks all over your new nails.

It’s a hard decision to make. Do you want to work for that high-shine finish? Or just give up and go for a dull, low-shine top coat that you can just slap on before bed?

What if I said there was a top coat that doesn’t make you choose? Ultra Glossy Seal has the fastest dry- time of any other ZOYA top coat, with the highest shine possible. It gives you that lush, dense finish of gel-like topcoats but won’t leave you waiting and staring at the clock for it to dry.

This is your official guide for how this amazing top coat works to bring you the luscious, shiny manicure you want in minutes. Put down the gel. This is the new way to mani.

Comparable to Gel-Like Topcoat Finish

This topcoat provides the dense finish of a gel-like mani. It’s high shine and acts as a thick protective layer over the color you have underneath. With high reflectivity and a lush shine, you’ll be staring at your nails all day. It’s just how it goes.

Dries by Air-and FAST

The problem with other gel-like top coats is that they dry through daylight exposure. They’ll give you that lush finish, but make you wait an eternity to get it. Ultra Glossy Seal dries similar to other ZOYA top coats through solvent-evaporation, but has a modified formula so it dries even faster.

This means your mani is dry to the touch in minutes. You can put on a quick swipe of Ultra Glossy Seal before bed and wake up with your nails dent-free and shining.

Extends Your Wear-Time

Ultra Glossy Seal extends the wear-time of your mani for a full seven days before chipping. Some top coats can do this, but only if you reapply the top coat every few days. This doesn’t require any reapplication for your mani to be chip-free. Just seven days of high shine, chip-free bliss.

No LED Curing

This top coat locks in color without locking you into extra time by curing. It applies like any other top coat with no LED light for faster application and normal polish removal.

With faster dry-times, a lush finish, and extended wear-time, Ultra Glossy Seal is the cherry top coat of every perfect manicure.