The Best Nail Strengtheners from Naked Manicure

Trying to strengthen your nails this year? Some people think about nail care as a tedious task, but it’s really as simple as using the right products. Naked Manicure was founded on the idea of creating quality nail products that work with the natural function of the nails to rehydrate and restore damage. Once you incorporate the right nail strengtheners into your manicure routine, you’ll see a difference in no time. After all, the condition of your natural nail plays a large role in how long you can wear a manicure. That’s why strengthening your nails is the first step to having longer-wearing polish!

If you’re a fan of Naked Manicure, you’re likely familiar with our magical Rescue Serum formula as part of the Rescue + Repair and Gelie-Cure systems. This product is revolutionary for its formula as a serum and yet it can be worn under a normal manicure. It was created with the natural structure of the nail in mind. When the keratin structure within the nails becomes damaged, it appears in the form of uneven ridges, cracking and fraying on the surface. The Rescue Serum penetrates that layer of keratin to bind it once again and restore the nail back to its healthy condition.

The Repair Base was designed to be paired with the Rescue Serum, but can also function as a strengthening base coat. It contains optical diffusers and fillers to blur the appeance of damage instantly. As it does this, it seals in the treatment from the Rescue Serum. These two products function as the basis for the Rescue + Repair system. Combine them for a natural-looking manicure or use them as a base for your manicure.  It’s the ultimate system for reversing damage and restoring the nails’ strength and flexibility.

The Naked Base is a popular base coat for preventing polish stains and smoothing the nail surface, but did you know it also contains nail-strengthening properties? This formula contains a unique blend of vitamins, proteins and sulfur amino acid proteins to mimic healthy keratin. These combined ingredients help to refine the surface and treat nail damage. It also supports oxygenation and cellular renewal to result in stronger, healthier nails. These benefits make this base coat a convenient way to strengthen your nails while simply doing your normal manicure routine.

Many use the Naked Manicure Perfectors for fixing discoloration on the nail or as a base for nail art, but they also contain strengthening properties. Perfectors contain keratin fillers, optical diffusers and a variety of vitamins to instantly blur the appearance of damage while treating the nails over time. Just like the Naked Base formula, Perfectors support the processes of oxygenation and cellular renewal to improve strength. Perfectors do all of this and more while creating a perfected natural nail finish.

Hopefully having this insight about Naked Manicure products can help you incorporate more strengthening products into your manicure routine. Nail care shouldn’t be a hassle.

Feature photo via @mabuhay_manicures.