A hand is displaying the Gelie-Cure Foundation manicure on her fingernails, with the Gelie-Cure System pink bag visible in the corner.

The Foundation for Flawless Manis

If your brittle, damaged nails are ruining the look of your manicures, the Gelie-Cure foundation technique will change your mani game. This service is similar to the treatment manicure, but adds a layer of protection for weak or damaged nails. It fills in those pesky ridges and cracks and creates a flexible barrier for smoother polish application. As an added bonus, this technique is perfect for those who like to change their nail color out frequently.

This technique starts out like the Gelie-Cure Treatment manicure. Need a refresher? Review the steps to the treatment manicure. 

Gelie-Cure Foundation

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED light, Clear Shine

Time Required: 30 min

After the Rescue Serum and Repair Base is applied correctly, you can begin the Gelie-Foundation.

Step 1: Apply Gelie and Cure

Apply one even coat of Naked Gelie to all 10 nails, making sure to leave a space between your skin and the gelie. If Gelie gets on the skin/side edge or the cuticle, wipe away with an orangewood stick before curing.


Cure nails as directed in the video clip, and wipe with clear shine when finished.

Step 2: Color

If you’d like to add color you can, or you can leave the nails as they are for a beautiful natural nail. To add color, apply one thin layer of Zoya Nail Polish to all 10 fingers. Wait 2 minutes between each coat of color.

Step 3: Top Coat:

Apply one thin coat of your favorite Zoya Top Coat, (Read about Ultra Glossy Seal here) and follow with a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops to speed up the drying process.

Remember to reapply the Rescue Serum daily for added treatment to the nails and fix chips with a top coat.

Step 4: Removal

You can change out the color on your nails up to two times without removing the Gelie foundation. Simply saturate a cotton ball with Zoya Remove + and wipe away the color.

When it comes time to remove the Gelie foundation, saturate a cotton ball with Remove + and wrap foil over the cotton ball as it sits on your nail. After 2 minutes, the Gelie should be easily removed.

Feature photo via @greencrest_therapies