The Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue Serum and Repair base are shown, unboxed, beside the Naked Manicure nail file and orangewood stick on top of the opened Gelie-Cure System pink bag.

The Ultimate Nail Treatment for Damaged Nails

Natural-nail-enthusiasts, this treatment system is for you. 

With no use of LED lights, this Rescue & Repair treatment will strengthen, hydrate and support the growth of your nails. It uses two products from the full Gelie-Cure system, specifically designed for those who want extended polish wear and a nail treatment.

Gelie-Cure Treatment Manicure

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum and Repair Base

Time Required: 30 min

Step 1: Prep

Before any treatment or manicure, you should wash your hands and begin with a cuticle treatment. (Learn more about QTICA’s Solid Gold Cuticle Oil).

Shape your nails using a regular file, with an upward motion from underneath the nail and a downward motion to seal.

Push back the cuticles and remove any hang nails.

Step 2:

You can massage your hands and arms using a lotion or massage oil of your choice.

Step 3: Treatment and Base

Now you can begin the treatment with the rescue serum and base coat. Start by splitting a pea sized amount of the Rescue Serum between all 10 of your nails, and rub the serum to dry. Use a combination of horizontal and vertical movements from your cuticle to your nail tip to make sure the serum is fully dry to touch.


Next, apply the Repair Base on top of the serum, being careful to avoid the cuticle, sidewall, and skin.


Wrap the tip of your free-edge, and use the orange-wood stick provided in your Gelie-Cure Kit to clean up as needed.

Step 4: Add Color:

Apply 2 coats of Zoya polish to your newly treated nails. Wait 2 minutes before applying each colored coat. Finish your manicure with the top coat of your choice or try our new Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat followed by a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops.

Be sure to reapply the Rescue Serum daily to extend your nail treatment, and reapply your top coat as needed for extended wear.


Feature photo via @breedlovehoops