Your Guide to Naked Manicure Products

If you’re not sure where to start with Naked Manicure products, let this guide help! Naked Manicure is one of our brands under Art of Beauty, which is composed of award-winning top coats, base coats, and treatments for damaged nails and dry skin. Consider this overview your official resource for all Naked Manicure products to get a glimpse into how each product works and how they can help.

Nail Systems

Naked Manicure nail systems were specifically designed to work with the nail’s natural structure to improve its visual appearance while delivering intense nail treatment. 

Products required: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED Lamp, Clear Shine

This 3-part nail system works to deliver treatment for damaged nails, while sealing it beneath the Naked Gelie clear coat. Naked Gelie is a demi-gel coat that provides durable protection for the nail when worn as a base for a normal manicure. If you don’t want to use color, you can use Gelie-Cure to create a natural-looking manicure with blurred imperfections. Curing is required to wear Naked Gelie, but it can be removed in 2 minutes to leave your nails damage-free. 

Products required: Rescue Serum, Repair Base

Rescue + Repair consists of two products to deliver just the treatment portion of Gelie-Cure. This means there’s no curing required. Like the Gelie-Cure system, Rescue + Repair can be worn bare or underneath a manicure. Simply apply the treatment serum and seal it with the Repair Base to help strengthen damaged nails over time.

Products required: Naked Gelie, LED Lamp, Clear Shine

Defend + Shine is the newest of the Naked Manicure nail systems, which utilizes the Naked Gelie from Gelie-Cure at a different stage in a manicure or pedicure. It’s meant to be applied the day after a fresh manicure to refresh its appearance and extend its wear. When used over a manicure, Naked Gelie is more durable than a traditional top coat. For this reason, you’re likely to notice less tip-wear and fewer chips. It’s perfect for those that like to refresh their at-home manicure or want to extend their salon manicure for another week. Additionally, it has a unique fix for extending gel manicures.

Skin Treatments

Products required: Hydrating Hand & Body Serum, Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream.

This system is composed of two products that provide deeply hydrating results to dry skin on the hands, feet and body. The first is a hydrating serum that applies in a quick spray-on formula and delivers fast-absorbing moisture. The second is the skin cream that is applied over the serum to lock in that hydrating treatment. These products can be used on their own, but we recommend using the full system for best results. When used over time, this system can even out your skin tone. 

Base Coats

This specialty base coat is part of the Rescue + Repair and Gelie-Cure systems. It’s intended to be worn over the Rescue Serum to seal in treatment under a manicure, but it can also be used as a normal top coat. With optical diffusers, it blurs imperfections in the nail to have instant, visible results. 

This base coat is in a traditional base coat formula with a unique blend of nutrients to provide treatment for the nail. It fills in ridges to provide a smooth surface for polish while preventing color staining.

Naked Manicure Perfectors are used to improve the appearance of bare nails by blurring imperfections and using a color tint to conceal discoloration. The six tints are created for different nail tones, but can be blended to create a more exact, color-corrected match. Perfectors also act as ridge-fillers and contain optical diffusers to smooth over imperfections. They are used over a base coat and can be worn under polish or sealed with a top coat. 

Top Coats

The original Glossy Seal Top Coat is in a classic top coat formula and seals a manicure with a high-shine finish. It extends the wear of your manicure and can be combined with ZOYA Fast Drops for faster dry-times. 

This new, award-winning top coat is every manicurist’s best friend. It’s in a gel-like formula to deliver reflective, lush shine to any manicure. This flexible coat reduces manicure chips and dries 2x faster than our other top coats. 

We hope this overview gave you a better understanding of what the products under Naked Manicure are used for. For more information on any of our systems, you can find related articles under our Naked Manicure page or browse our individual product pages.