Tips for Naked Gelie Application

If you’ve ever used our Gelie-Cure or Defend + Shine systems, then you’re already familiar with Naked Gelie. For those that aren’t aware, Naked Gelie is a light-cured top coat that provides a gel-like finish to your manicure. It’s utilized in a few different ways within our Naked Manicure systems, so we’re going through some application tips. 

Tip #1: The .25oz bottle is beginner-friendly

If you’re used to using the big .5oz bottle of Naked Gelie that originally came with the Gelie-Cure kit, you might be pleased to try out the smaller .25oz version that comes with the Defend+ Shine kit.

Why opt for the smaller bottle? Well, the .25oz bottle has a wide brush and a short stem, making application much more efficient and easier for those new to the Naked Gelie clear coat. When using the .5oz bottle, it’s easy to make mistakes by getting the Naked Gelie on your skin or flooding your cuticle. The brush equipped in the smaller bottle allows for quicker, more precise application which you can likely achieve in just one coat, depending on your nail size. The smaller brush is especially efficient for smaller nail beds.

Tip #2: Always Check Your Work

Before curing, we recommend just quickly hitting your nails with the LED light to check that the Naked Gelie is glowing and opaque. If you see any patches or mistakes, you can easily fix them up before actually curing your manicure. 

Tip #3: Don't Flood Your Cuticle

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when applying Naked Gelie is to avoid your cuticles and the edges of your skin. If the Gelie gets on your skin or you flood your cuticle, the clear coat will lift and peel off your manicure. Remember that Naked Gelie is self-leveling, so there’s no need to apply it all the way to your cuticle. Once it’s cured, it will level out and you won’t’ have to worry about lifting. 

Tip #4: Cure 4 Fingers, then Thumbs Last

The fastest way to apply Naked Gelie without flooding your cuticle is to cure four fingers at a time, and cure the thumbs last. Apply Naked Gelie starting on your pointer finger and ending on your pinky. Place your four fingers at the edge of a table or a flat surface, and slightly bend your fingers to fit them all underneath the LED light. Cure for one minute under the light and repeat the same process on your opposite hand. Once you’re finished, you can cure your thumbs in the same positioning. 

Tip #5: Removal

When removing Naked Gelie, soak a cotton ball with 2 pumps of Remove + before forming the cotton to your nail. It’s important that you shape the cotton around your free-edge to cover the nail completely before sealing it with a foil sheet or removal clip. Wait about 5 minutes, and then remove. Your Gelie should come off easily without scraping. If any Gelie or polish remains, soak another cotton ball and leave it on for an additional 2-3 minutes.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to apply Naked Gelie like a pro. It doesn’t have to be scary! Take your time, check your work, and don’t flood the cuticle. That’s all there is to it! 

Feature photo via @heysolomiya.