A hand with blue nail polish on the fingernails is holding the Zoya polish bottle over a surface with scattered products from the Gelie-Cure system.

How to: The Gelie-Cure Sandwich Technique

If you’re a one-color-and-done type of person that wants the longest wear possible for their manicures, the 2-10-2 technique is all you need. This technique uses the Gelie-Cure system to lock in color and protect the nail, as the nail color is “sandwiched” between two layers of Gelie. This can extend your wear for 7-14 days!

The 2-10-2 Technique

Products Utilized: Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, LED light, Clear Shine Spray

Time Required: 45 minutes

Begin by doing the Gelie-Cure treatment with the Rescue Serum and Repair base.

Next, apply the Gelie as directed and cure under the light to create your Gelie Foundation.

Step 1: Apply Color

The 2-10-2 technique comes into play when you begin to apply color. Apply one thin layer of Zoya Nail Polish, and wait 2 minutes before applying the next coat.

Step 2: Color

After you apply your second coat of color, wait 10 minutes. Then, apply Gelie to all 10 nails, cleaning up any Gelie on the sidewalls or skin. Wait 2 minutes before curing under an LED light.

Step 3: Swipe with Clear Shine

Use the lint-free wipes and a spray of Clear Shine to wipe away any residue after curing under the light.


As with any technique with Gelie Cure, you can reapply the Rescue Serum daily to continue treating your nails after your mani is finished.


Image via @blondeambitiousblog