A grouping of products in Naked Manicure nail system kits, including Remove +, Rescue Serum, Repair Base, Naked Gelie, Clear-Shine and a 3-way-file.

Let’s Compare: Naked Manicure Nail Systems

How do you know which of the Naked Manicure nail systems is for you? There are three nail systems total: Gelie-Cure, Rescue + Repair, and our newest system, Defend + Shine. Some focus on treatment, while others focus on the protection of your manicure. It can be difficult to understand the differences between these systems and their different uses. To make it easy for you, we compared the three systems so you can decide which matches your nail preferences the most. 

1. Gelie-Cure

Let’s start with Gelie-Cure. This system is utilized in a few different ways during a manicure or pedicure. How you use Gelie-Cure depends on your preferences for nail treatment and longer polish wear. If you’d like to use the system as a treatment and base for polish, we recommend using Gelie-Cure to perform the Foundation Manicure. The Foundation Manicure can also be worn without polish if you want to leave the nails natural with an improved appearance. 

If you are only interested in extending your polish wear with or without the treatment, we recommend doing the 2-10-2 Sandwich Technique, or simply using the Defend + Shine system. 

2. Defend + Shine

The Defend + Shine system utilizes some of the items from the Gelie-Cure system, but applies those products differently. With this system, Naked Gelie is applied the day after your fresh manicure. It gives your nails the ultimate defense against chips and damage while locking in your manicure’s first day shine all week long. There is no treatment involved, but the hardened demi-gel protects the nails from wear-and-tear and contributes to the nail’s natural growth. Get the Defend + Shine system today and receive a free Removal Kit with your purchase

3. Rescue + Repair

Rescue + Repair isolates the treatment portion of Gelie-Cure. Specifically, it involves the use of the Rescue Serum and Repair Base under your manicure to treat damage on the nails. It does not require the use of Naked Gelie like the Gelie-Cure and Defend + Shine systems. Rescue + Repair can be worn on its own or under polish. 

Still unsure which system to use? Take a look at our detailed system charts below, outlining the uses and products involved for each system. Based on your nail preferences, you’ll be able to decide which system would work best for you. As always, you can find more detailed instructions and information on the Feed. Simply head over to our Products Page for a basic overview of the systems, or go to Naked Manicure for related articles and tutorials. 

How the Systems Are Used

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