New Zoya Hypnotic Trio for Winter 2022

Enter a world of mystery with these luxurious, metallic shades…

These three shades captivate with their dark colors, and entice with their slight shimmer formula.


They can be an eye-catching evening look, or  look striking against thew white pages of your favorite mystery novel.


Rosalind is a darkened sugar-plum purple, a duo chrome with a hint of blueberry that becomes more apparent when in broad daylight.


Metora is a deep boysenberry jam color with a shimmering metallic finish, reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine.


Clarice is a dark emerald green metallic, she has the appeal of a lush, dark forest full of mystery, and looks striking against any skin tone.

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  • Sheila


    The green reminds me of the wintery pine smell of the beautiful green pines

    February 5, 2023

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