This Simple Manicure Can Make Your Nails Grow

Are your nails taking forever to grow? We’re showing you how to do a simple manicure that uses strength-building products to help stimulate nail growth. There’s only 3 quick steps required to get the nails you’ve always dreamt of!

Why Won't My Nails Grow?

If it seems like your nails are simply refusing to grow or they break quickly, it’s likely your nails are dehydrated. Your nails are a lot like skin. In fact, they contain the same protein, keratin. Certain activities or your environment can damage that layer of keratin in your nails, which is what gives them their strength and flexibility. Once that layer is damaged, it can be hard for your nails to grow or stay healthy. The key to seeing nail growth is restoring that layer!

Step 1: Rescue + Repair Treatment

The Rescue + Repair system was created for restoring damaged keratin in the nail plate and sealing that treatment beneath a hydrating base. For starting out, we recommend applying the Rescue + Repair treatment once a week for three weeks to see results.

Split a pea-sized amount of the Rescue Serum between all 10 nails. Massage the serum into the nail plate until dry. After the serum is applied, follow with the Repair Base directly over the serum to lock in the hydrating treatment to your nails.

Step 2: Naked Manicure Perfector

Apply a Naked Manicure Perfector directly over the Rescue + Repair Treatment. We recommend the Lavender Perfector if you have yellow staining issues you’d like to target.

Naked Manicure Perfectors contain a combination of vitamins, botanicals and nutrients to add additional therapeutic benefits to the nails while concealing discoloration.

Step 3: Opt for a PixieDust Shade

PixieDust is ZOYA’s line of textured glitter polish. These glitters are so dense that they can act as a protective shield for your nails. While your nails receive treatment, they’ll be protected beneath a barrier of gorgeous glitter!

PixieDust also doesn’t require a basecoat or topcoat, so you can stop here for a fully protected manicure. Sit back and watch your nails grow with this easy manicure. 

Feature photo via @vikapolishes.