Defend + Shine Is Officially Here!

Who doesn’t love a fresh mani? The Defend + Shine patented system by Naked Manicure locks in your new mani by providing ultimate nail defense and lasting shine all week long. Forget about chipping or touch-ups before your next manicure change. You can now go from mani-to-mani without a day of dullness.

How to Use

The Defend + Shine system is to be used the day after your fresh manicure. This ensures your new mani has time to fully set before locking it in beneath a protective, glossy barrier.

Step 1: Apply Naked Gelie

Apply a layer of Naked Gelie to all 10 nails the day after your new manicure. Clean up the sidewalls and free-edge of your nails with an orangewood stick.

Step 2: Cure Under an LED Light

Using the LED light that comes in the Defend + Shine system, cure all 10 fingers.

Step 3: Clear Shine Spray

When you finish curing, swipe the nails with Clear Shine Spray on the lint-free wipes provided to amp up the Naked Gelie’s shine and remove any residue left on the nails. Wear until your next manicure change. To see our step-by-step instructions, watch our newest tutorial which includes removal instructions.

Who Should Use it?

The Defend + Shine system is for anyone who wants their manicure to last as long as possible with durable nail protection. If you want nail protection with your normal manicure or hate seeing your manicure lose its shine after a few days, this system is for you. Once you apply Defend + Shine, you won’t have to worry about your nails until you want to change out your polish.

As it hardens your nails, it provides the ultimate defense against damage, polish chips and dullness. For soft or brittle nails, the defense will contribute to your nail’s natural growth. 

It’s also a perfect retail option for salon owners. If you own a salon, you want to create the perfect manicure experience for your clients. This means ensuring they are happy even after their visit ends. To keep their new salon manicure sealed, have them use Defend + Shine at home the next day to keep their manicure locked in until they come to their next visit.

"What If I Use Gel Polish?"

For those of you that use gel polish, don’t worry! If you really want to use Defend + Shine, you still can. Defend + Shine can add shine to your gel polish when it starts to get dull, usually after about two weeks of the gel on your nails. So instead of waiting 24 hours, wait until you see your manicure getting dull to apply. Defend + Shine will extend the wear of your gel for another week and make the shine look like it did on day one! Just remember that your removal time will increase by one minute when applying Defend + Shine over gel.

Defend + Shine for Pedicures

Defend + Shine doesn’t just extend the wear of your manicure. Apply the day after your fresh pedicure following the same steps and watch how your pedicure never loses its Day one shine.

What are you waiting for? Get the Defend + Shine system today with a free removal kit!