Simple Nail Colors for the Workplace

Whether you work in a busy, fast-paced work environment or you sit contently typing at an office desk, every workplace usually requires a particular dress code of professionalism. The same is true for your nail polish! Manicures in the work environment should be practical, above all else. We’ve rounded up some simple nail colors for the workplace so your manicure can match your professional attitude.

Though the color of your nail polish is entirely up to you, we recommend sticking with something wearable. It’s also important to seal your manicure properly, so you can tackle the work week without ruining your manicure or stressing about your polish chipping. Check out these practical color choices for the workplace and a tip for making your polish last all week long.

McKenna by Zoya is described as a refined pearl in a soft almond. 

Dove by Zoya is described as a soft, delicate light neutral gray with an opaque, glossy creme finish.

Caitlin by Zoya is described as a smoky purple-tinged medium gray with smooth, opaque creme finish. 

August by Zoya is described as a full coverage gray like a fine, expensive leather with mid-ranged, balanced tone.

Zoya in Leif is described as a gentle and harmonious light sage green cream.

Chanelle by Zoya is described as a full-coverage, toasted almond cream. 

Tommy by Zoya is described as a blue toned slate grey cream.

Pasha by Zoya is described as a soft, pale, taupe-kissed beige nude with silver frost and the barest hint of silver micro-glitter. 

These are just ideas for wearable polishes to wear to work, but feel free to wear whatever polish color makes you most comfortable. If you’re interested in making your manicure stay shiny and protected all week long, check out our tip below! 

Make Your Mani Last

The key to making your manicure last for a full week without chips or dullness is the Defend + Shine system by Naked Manicure. This system uses Naked Gelie the day after your manicure as a seal to defend your manicure against typical wear-and-tear throughout the week. As it protects your mani, it’s protecting your natural nails from damage.

The system is super easy, even for those new at using an LED lamp to cure polish. Naked Gelie is not a gel, but it’s a gel-like coat that requires curing. Don’t worry, though! Gelie won’t damage your nails like gel polish, because it’s applied on top of your regular polish and top coat instead of directly adhering to your nail plate. It only takes two minutes to remove with Remove + and cotton balls.

Step 1: Apply your polish as normal, and seal it with a top coat like Ultra Glossy Seal.

Step 2: Wait until the next day (or at least 12 hours), and apply Naked Gelie to your fresh manicure. Cure the Gelie underneath the LED light provided in the system kit.

Step 3: Swipe the nails with Clear Shine Spray after curing for one minute, and that’s it! You’ll now have a beautiful manicure for work that you don’t have to touch-up throughout the week. For more information on Defend + Shine, read our FAQ!

Feature image via @yyulia_m.