Easy Ways to Dissolve ZOYA Packing Peanuts

Just ordered new polish? Don’t throw away the packing peanuts that came in your box! You may already know our polishes are Big10Free to be safe for you, but did you know our packaging practices are safe for the planet too? So before you throw them away, try to dissolve ZOYA packing peanuts in water. 

Our packing peanuts are made of corn starch so they are biodegradable and safe for the planet. Read on to learn all the simple ways you can dissolve these packing peanuts without wasting water or polluting the environment. Plus, discover other uses for them!

Bring Them in the Shower or Tub

These peanuts dissolve the fastest in warmer water, which is why the shower is the easiest way to dissolve them. Next time you take a shower, put the packing peanuts in a bowl and leave them on the floor of your shower. The peanuts will be dissolved by the time you’re done. The same concept can work for the bathtub. If you take a bath, put the peanuts in your bathwater after you step out, and then drain the water once they dissolve. So easy, right?

Leave Them in the Sink While You Wash Dishes

Leave a bowl of the peanuts in the sink. As you wash your dishes, the peanuts will dissolve. Or, if you prefer to fill up your sink with soapy water when you wash dishes, you can toss the peanuts in that water after you’re all done and then let the water drain.

Put Them in Your Garden

If you don’t want to put the corn starch down the drain, you can put the peanuts in your garden. The natural corn starch won’t harm the environment like plastic as it naturally disintegrates when it rains.

Other Uses

Let Your Pets Play with Them

Some of our fans have written to us about how much their cats love these packing peanuts to play with. Try filling a box with the peanuts like a ball pit and let your cat have fun with it. They’re non-toxic and give your pet something to do, so why not try it?

Reuse Them for Packaging

Preparing for a move? Reuse our peanuts for your own packaging to protect valuables and avoid the use of plastic.

Watch How Easy It Is to Dissolve ZOYA Packing Peanuts