A close up of a fresh bottle of Zoya Zelda and the brush.

How to Keep Your Polishes Fresh

No one likes when polish gets thick, so how can you avoid it? Follow these tips and tricks for preserving your favorite polishes and keeping them as fresh as when you first bought them. Any old polish can be saved, but these tricks ensure that it doesn’t get to that point.

Trick 1: Clean Your Polish Bottles

You’re probably thinking, “What does the outside of my bottle have anything to do with the inside?”

We’ve all gotten lazy with our bottles and seen how easy it can be for the bottles to get crusty when you swipe the top with excess polish. When too much dried polish gets caked around the top, it actually prevents the cap from sealing properly. The cap is what prevents air from getting into your polish and creating that thick, yucky consistency. So, a clean bottle allows the cap to do its job!

How Do You Clean Your Bottles?

Take a bit of Remove + on a lint-free pad and gently wipe the surface of the bottle where dried polish sits. Doing this also prevents the cap from getting stuck too tight and not opening when you want it to…we’ve all been there.

Trick 2: Thin Out the Polish with Renew

Zoya Renew was specifically designed to bring old polishes back to life. When you start to notice your polish thickening, add a few drops of Zoya Renew to the bottle and shake. Use as many drops as your polish needs to get the consistency you like.

The key is to do both of these tricks regularly. Clean your bottles after each use, and don’t wait for the polish to get too thick before adding Renew. By doing these steps regularly, you’re saving yourself from having to do more work later on, and your polish is how you like it with every use.

Feature photo via @franzi.fri