A hand in front of an outdoor landscape background is showing a skittle manicure of the ZOYA Darling Collection, with half-moon negative space on each nail.

Nail Art Ideas for Spring 2021

Need some spring nail inspo? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite simple nail art looks done by our Zoya fans to give you ideas for your next nail look! These simple looks can be achieved by anyone, and they’re a stunning way to wear spring colors! Remember to prep your nails properly before starting any nail design by using a base coat. 

Photo via @thepetitepisces

The skittle manicure is classic, and one of the easiest nail trends to recreate. All it takes is five colors of your choice. This manicure by @thepetitepisces was done using Zoya’s Spring Darling collection, but you can recreate it using any Zoya colors you want!

How to recreate it: Pick 5 of your favorite Zoya colors (You can stick to the spring color theme). They don’t have to be in the same color family. Simply apply one color onto each prepped nail and wa-la! You have a fun spring look! Finish with a top coat to lock in your colorful manicure.

Photo via @lolo.nailedit

This is a fun twist on the classic skittle mani described above. For this manicure, @lolo.nailedit left negative space in her skittle manicure for a minimalist, beautiful nail look.

How to recreate it: Pick 5 colors once again to perform a skittle mani. You can use half-moon tape if you have it, or try free handing using a thin brush and outlining the shape of the half-moon about three quarters of the way down your nail. You can paint as normal from the line you made.

Photo via @hanninator

Groovy swirl designs are everywhere right now, and this one is perfect for spring! @hanninator used Zoya Tweedy and Joyce to create these simplistic negative space swirls that look effortless and elegant. This look may seem hard to achieve for beginners but with some practice and a thin application brush it can easily be achieved!

How to recreate: Start with a base, like a Naked Manicure color perfector, to neutralize the color of your natural nails. This base will be important for the negative space that exposes your natural nail.
Pick two colors, preferably in the same color family like Tweedy and Joyce. Next, with a thin precision brush, make varied swirls surrounding your cuticle and tip areas, leaving a space between your swirls in the center of your nail. Remember that your lines don’t have to be exact, as variation is part of what makes this design unique. Groovy!

Photo via @simplyjary

This nail look by @simplyjary features two accent nails with an abstract design, using colors from the Darling collection. The abstract art is composed of small, feather-like swipes of colorful polish, overlapped by dotted detailing.

How to recreate: Choose four colors to work with in your abstract design. Pick the color you would like to use as the solid color on three of your nails. This color will also be used to make the dots on your abstract accent nails. Using your other three colors, with a light hand, begin making small swipes on the two nails you would like to be the accents. Apply these swipes on random areas on your nail, overlapping them slightly. Then, take a dotting tool or toothpick and dip it into the polish you used for your three solid-colored nails. Make varied dot clusters all around your abstract design, overlapping the swipes and making use of the negative space. Finish with a fast-drying top coat.

Did you love these spring nail looks? Check out the Darling collection that inspired these designs.


Feature photo via @lolo.nailedit