How to Tell if Your Polish Is Too Thick

There’s nothing worse than trying to paint your nails with a thick, goopy nail polish. Sometimes you can’t tell your polish is too thick until you start applying it and it becomes a sticky mess. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to tell if your polish has thickened before you use it, we’re here to tell you how! 

Polish can thicken over time or if it’s exposed to air. For example, if you’re not sealing your polish bottle caps tightly, this can cause pockets of air to enter the bottle. Read more about cleaning your polish bottles to keep them fresh.

Checking for Consistency

To check for polish consistency, all you need is the polish you want to use. First thing’s first, take your polish and roll the bottle between your fingers. Some people want to immediately shake the bottle, but we recommend rolling instead to not create air bubbles. Next, you’ll need to unscrew the cap and hold the brush above the bottle.

If the polish is the correct consistency, you’ll see a stream of polish drip down from the end of the brush into the bottle. If it’s too thick, the color will stay in a ball at the tip of the brush and won’t drip down. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this.

Using ZOYA Renew, add a couple drops to the thickened polish. After tightly sealing the cap, roll the bottle between your fingers again to mix in the Renew. If the polish still isn’t dripping down from the brush, then you might want to add a couple more drops of Renew. You can repeat these steps as long as it takes to get the correct consistency.

Renew can be used on any base coat, top coat, or ZOYA Nail Polish. That’s right, it can even be used on ZOYA’s textured PixieDust. Every nail polish can be saved!

Watch the Tutorial Below