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How to Avoid Nail Polish Bubbles

Have you ever noticed tiny bubbles in your polish after a fresh manicure? Sometimes those bubbles can only be seen when you’re looking super close at your manicure, but it’s still a frustrating sight. Why does this happen? We’re here to tell you the common mistakes that cause this to happen so you can avoid nail polish bubbles forever!

Mistake #1: Shaking Your Polish

You’ve probably been told growing up that you should shake your polish bottle before using it, but this can cause bubbles! Instead, it’s better to roll the polish gently between your fingertips prior to use. 

Mistake #2: Not Sealing Your Polish Cap Tightly

If you aren’t sealing your polish caps properly after each use, pockets of air can enter the bottle and form bubbles. This means that you should be tightly closing the cap after every manicure. This same rule applies when you’re in the middle of a manicure. Seal the cap in-between coats if you’re not going to use the polish right away. It doesn’t take long for air bubbles to get inside the bottle. 

Mistake #3: Doing Your Manicure Outside

Sometimes doing your nails outside can be peaceful, but doing this is another cause of bubbles! If the wind is especially strong or the humidity is high, these are all factors that can affect the outcome of your manicure. Changes in the air around you matter to your manicure!

Mistake #4: Doing Your Manicure by a Fan or A/C Vent

Just as the air outside affects your manicure, so does the air inside your home. If you do your nails right next to a fan or vent, you’re likely to notice bubbling in your polish. If you can avoid it, do your nails somewhere in your home that isn’t directly next to a fan. 

Mistake #5: Applying Coats That Are Too Thick

If you are applying two thick coats of polish, you may see bubbles. It’s best to apply two thin coats of polish.

Mistake #6: Waiting Too Long Between Polish Coats

If you apply your first layer of polish and then wait too long before applying the next layer, your polish can dry at different rates and this will create bubbles. That is why the best method of application is to apply your second coat of polish right after you finish applying the first coat to your other hand.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Stay tuned for more tips and tutorials by ZOYA on our Feed!

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