How to use Remove+’s ‘Big Flipper’


So… you finally got your hands on the 8oz Remove+ nail polish remover, now what?

When you open the box, you’ll first notice that it comes with an extra component:

This is the Big Flipper, a more convenient way to use nail polish remover than the standard. You’d think so at least. I was handed this product and told to “get it working” and I thought, surely it’s not rocket science. I came to find out, it was a bit more complicated than expected. To get the most out of your Remove+ , follow these easy steps:



Step 1:

Remove both products from their box


Step 2:

Unscrew the cap and remove the protective seal from bottle of Remove+


Step 3:

Place the Big Flipper onto bottle of Remove+ and twist shut with bottle sitting on table.

Note: Evidently some have attempted to attach the big flipper with bottle turned over, this it not advisable if you’d like to keep your security deposit.


Step 4:


When you’re ready to use, make sure to ‘unlock’ the Big Flipper by turning the dispenser counter-clockwise, as shown here:



Step 5:

Grab a cotton round, or cotton ball and press down against uncapped Remove+

Tip: You will need to press down 2-5 times to prime if it is a new container



 Step 6:

Remove nail polish, clean you nail, prep your nail, etc.

If you’re a fan of Geli-Cure, follow their description on a different application method.


Step 7:

Once you are done using the product, first close the lid, then lock Remove+ clockwise to avoid spillage.



So…now what?

The next step is up to you! You can enjoy a new shade of polish, or simply go without. Either way, you can enjoy your gorgeous, hydrated nails!

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