A hand holding a bottle of ZOYA in Banks, displaying shades from the EasyNeon collection in a skittle manicure with neon leopard print accent nails on the thumb and ring fingers.

6 Neon Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2021

The EasyNeon collection is ZOYA’s bright summer launch of 6 eye-grabbing neons, and they make colorful nail art so easy! Let these 6 summer neon looks give you inspiration for your next creative mani. We recommend starting each of these looks with a ZOYA basecoat.

Photo via @nailxaesthetics

Colorful French tips are everywhere, but skittle French tips are even better! These bright tips by @nailxaesthetics are so fun and fitting for the summertime. After all, why choose one neon when you can have a little bit of each one?

How to recreate it: Using the EasyNeon collection, decide the order you would like for your skittle manicure (The fun thing about skittle manis is there are no rules!). Begin by creating a base for your polish, using a base coat. If your natural nail has discoloration, the Naked Manicure Perfectors are great for neutralizing the color, which is important for French tips where your natural nails are exposed.

Since the EasyNeon colors come with a Z-Wide brush equipped in the bottle, it is recommended to use a small precision brush instead for lining your nail tips. Start by following your nail’s natural white tipped curve. After you have a solid line in place, you can use the normal polish brush to swipe the tips, being careful to not cross the line you made. Wrap the tip and apply a top coat to seal in your new colorful mani!

Photo via @sloppyswatches

Leopard print is super trendy and way simpler to achieve than you might think. @sloppyswatches makes use of the EasyNeon shades in such a creative way with this colorful twist on classic leopard print.

How to recreate: Paint three of your nails with any EasyNeon shades you prefer, using a different color for each nail. On your two remaining accent nails, use a base such as the white @sloppyswatches used (Try ZOYA in Snow White). With a dotting tool or toothpick, make scattered, imperfect dots using the neon colors on your accent nails. Once dry, take the dotting tool and use a black polish to outline the dots you made. Make sure that your black outlines do not outline the entire dot. Trace about half of the spot in varying shapes for each spot to make them more realistic. Real leopard spots aren’t perfect! Finish with a top coat like Ultra Glossy Seal.

Photo via @pizzaandnailpolish

This simplistic negative space flower mani is gorgeous for summer. It was created by @pizzaandnailpolish using ZOYA Zelda from EasyNeon.

How to recreate it: Apply Zoya Zelda to four of your nails, leaving one bare for an accent. On the accent nail, use a dotting tool to create small spots with rounded edges in an imperfect flower shape. When dry, put a small dot of a gold glitter shade (Ziv) in the center of the nail. Finish with a glossy top coat.

Photo via @my_forever_nails

This water marble art is perfect for a sunny day by the pool! @my_forever_nails was able to combine all 6 of the EasyNeon on every nail for this look.

How to recreate: Apply a base color to your nails. Get a cup of room temperature water and add drops of the neon colors of your choice to the water, layering them over each other. Take a toothpick and swirl the polish to how you like it, as this will be how the marble appears on your nail. Dip your finger into the polish, and remove the excess polish on your skin with ZOYA Remove +. Once the polish is dry, add a shiny top coat.

Photo via @manicurator

This beautiful color block manicure by @manicurator is so fun yet elegant for the summer months. She used Oakley, Zelda and Janie to create this look.

How to recreate: With striping tape, divide your nails into thirds with two pieces of tape, angling them in slightly different directions. With the tape securely in place, paint each third of the nail with a different neon and slowly peel the tape off once applied. Wait until dry, then apply a glossy top coat.

Photo via @manicurator

This creative splotch manicure was created by @manicurator, who used every shade of the EasyNeon collection to layer abstract dots on each of her nails.

How to recreate: This look is super easy to recreate! All you need is a dotting tool or toothpick. Take the EasyNeon shades of your choice and dip your dotter into the polish. Layer thin dots over each other in a random pattern until your nail is covered. You can leave some negative space to add to the minimalist look.

Feature photo via @sloppyswatches