How to Wear Hard-To-Wear Colors

Sometimes the best colors are hard to wear on your nails. A color can look striking in the bottle, and then have a completely different effect once it’s painted. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the shade; you may just have to wear it in a different way to present the color in the best possible light. Instead of making that one color the main focus of your manicure, there are ways to add balance and complement the shade through the use of other colors.

We’re giving you our tips for wearing hard-to-wear colors that might normally be out of your comfort zone.

Make the Color an Accent

Photo via @mariasnailartongles

One way to make a shade more wearable is to use it as an accent nail. In this manicure example, Eunice is considered the “hard-to-wear” color that was only painted on one fingernail to add a flattering accent to the rest of these fall-themed shades.  

Create Balance with Complementary Colors

Photo via @polished_yogi

Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel, and pairing them together can create balance. In this example, Soleil is complementary to Lou and Tommy because blue is opposite to orange on the color wheel. Though Soleil is not necessarily hard-to-wear for most people, it’s a unique shade that draws attention and looks best when paired with other flattering shades.  

Add Some Negative Space

Sometimes using negative space for a solid color manicure can soften the color choice a bit. Whether you decide to use negative space on just 1-2 nails or all of them, you’ll get the same softened effect.    

Make It Gradient

Use the color as a starting point for a skittle gradient manicure. Creating a smooth transition starting with the less-wearable shade will create a flow so it will appear less bold and more intentional.

Pair It with the Right Outfit

The right outfit can go a long way in making your manicure more wearable. Choose your outfit based on how well it pairs with the shade you’re wearing on your nails. You can do this by following the complementary colors rule or wearing the same color but in a different shading. Wearing neutrals can also help, like wearing a gray sweater with a mustard yellow on your nails.   

It's All in the Details

Photo via @soph.nailobsess

Use the shade for the small details in your nail art. The shade may look best when it’s incorporated in a detailed design alongside other colors.

Hopefully these tips helped you to realize there are endless ways to wear color! A color doesn’t have to be the main focus to still make an impact.

Feature photo via @polished_yogi.